Lynn Lawler

Writer & Reiki Master

Lynn Lawler

Lynn Lawler is a writer whose stories reflect women’s everyday lives. Her plots
include themes about the unknown, mysterious, and mystical. There is a range of
diversity which adds a depth of realism.

Lynn’s characters face life-changing events, and they come to life by awakening
to the spiritual Truth about themselves. At the same time, the players must endure
extreme challenges that deepen their character.

Originally from Michigan, the author traveled to Arizona at the start of her spiritual
journey. While there, she worked in an outdoor market and a food co-op. She also
studied Reiki and Theta DNA™.

Her interests include meditation, helping the homeless, gaming, watching
baseball, and playing chess. She lives at her home with her wife and cats in Southern

She is the owner of Lynn Lawler’s Creative Artists’ Blog, a site where she
presents book reviews in various genres, including speculative fiction, fantasy, and
romance. You can find author news and guest blogs at
Currently, she is working on another adventure. For news and updates, go

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