A time to relive and renew 

What makes you…..you 

And me…..me 

Is it just the evergreen tree 

That’s symbolic 

No, that would be to ironic 

Christmas, to me, is not just a tonic 

To erase what I can’t face 

Each Christmas becomes a new 

Treasure hunt and that’s my cue 

Finding what’s binding and kind 

Now and from yesteryear do I find 

Each new Christmas 

Binds me closer to what is real 

And finds my heart softer, tamer 

And makes me feel 

My senses deeper 

I recall the scent of cinnamon 

Nutmeg, ginger and Evergreen 

Candles eight in a row 

How their light makes them glow 

An Angel, a Cross 

So no one’s at a loss 

A manger 

Without danger 

Wooden shoes set out for a stranger 

Oranges bright in color 

To represent the cost of the dollar 

Nuts in a stocking, maybe chocolate too 

Just to name a few 

Of yesterday’s Christmas memories that still ensue

And kids of all ages can still recall 

St. Nick ready to fall 

Down a cold chimney to leave toys 

For little girls ad boys 

For the many 

It’s uncanny 

But all of our treasures 

With their measures 

Hearts content and Heaven sent 

Our daydream thinking 

Is linking 

All of us to yesteryears reveries 

Christmas memories…. 


N. Fraioli/ Christmas Wisdom 



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