Long ago when I worked as a Benefits Administrator, I remember how I loved the month
of November. It afforded us three paid holidays. It’s those three days I now allude to. I call them…The Magnificent Three!


They were our days off—-Free from work and paid religiously
Today though their names remain the same
They’ve taken on different meanings
Obscure gleaming’s
Red, White and Blue
Have been misconstrued
Red, White and Blue
Mean the same to the few…but what about the many


It’s always been a riddle
Left, right or middle
Independence makes me aware
And lets me dare to think differently
Independently and reverently
But today, year 2022,
It’s become a new dance
Just take a ‘chance’

Then comes VETERAN’S Day
The many who went to fight
For our right
For Freedom

Happy Election * * * * * * * Happy Veterans

I write about these three days
That give me pause
For each and every cause
I will always stand for the RED, WHITE and BLUE
No matter our gender or our color of skin
Or our politics that often run thin
This is what true AMERICA celebrates
And reiterates
The right to remain strong
Correct the wrong
And long
For New Beginnings
This is America and we live on its soil
To be free and to toil
For our destiny
These three holidays I hold in Prayer
Grace us with citizens that care
Brighten our Hope
So we can cope
Please instill in us a strong Faith and trust
Before we turn to dust…


“Life is what we make it,
always has been, always will be.”
Grandma Moses

~N Fraioli, The Wisdom of November

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