My Earthly Ideas About Crossing Over Into Heaven 

While viewing Queen Elizabeth’s passing parade from Scotland to England, I couldn’t help think about another time when the people came out in droves for Princess Diana. The Queen and her husband Prince Phillip had ignored. 

What was happening in London. They, the Royal family, did not understand this type of grieving! When the Royals arrived where all the mourners for Diana were gathered, they began their walk, addressing the magnificent crowds. 

In my heart, I do believe the Queen and her entourage were suddenly humbled. 

The most touching moment, to me, was when a very young girl handed Queen Elizabeth a small bouquet of flowers. She thanked the young child and said she would place them, for Diana The young girl looked up into her eyes and said,” no, these flowers are for you!” That, to me, was the moment Queen Elizabeth felt the full impact of the love of and from her people and for Princes Diana! This, too, is a part of transitioning. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth! 

The Queen’s Colors 

She wore bright colors so she could be seen 

Pink, Apricot, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Green 

And wasn’t it colors in the end 

That God did send 

A double rainbow shaped like a dome 

To usher her home 

The Queen was a reflection of God’s rainbow. 

“Let us not take ourselves too seriously 

none of us has a monopoly on wisdom 

and love must always be ready to listen 

and respect other points of view.” 

Queen Elizabeth 11 



Above are my personal reflections about The Queen. Below are my personal views about my mother and cousin and their ascent to Heaven. 

It was a time, so long ago, watching my mom, (and my cousin Barb, too), Transition from their earthly state to a heavenly place with a guarded view 

While a loved one is waiting, viewing and praying too 

Yesterday’s thoughts ensue 

And bring a tear or two 

Once when my mom and cousin Barb were whole 

Body, Mind and Soul 

No one could tell them what to do 

They were among the few 

Once an idea was in place 

No one could erase 

The working of their schemes 

The completion of their dreams 

In the kitchen; they needed no sous- chef 

No second in command 

Their ears a little deaf 

To another’s demand 

Their sewing kits were filled with more than thread, needles and pins While their lemon and chocolate cakes and bread baked in tins They created masterpieces on their Singer machines. 

With energy left over to create a festive meal 

Making each supper a magnificent deal 

They loved their holidays 

Christmas top of the list 

They couldn’t resist 

Peter Rabbit or a flowered Cross 

They were never at a loss 

To emulate 

Their ideas on how to celebrate

While awaiting their transition 

To cross over to their Heavenly Home 

Our Savior is giving their Souls remission 

Now, at last, they are free to rome 

My time spent with them while in transition I’ll never regret 

Our visits without words 

But that is where I met 

And I’m not being absurd 

Their Souls no longer earthbound 

Were awaiting without a sound 

To the joining of their finished Souls 

To make their Heavenly entrance whole 

No more their pain 

They’ve been restored 

To their Divine gain 

Now they can implore 

A prayer or two 

From me and you 

Oh, just a note will do 

They share equal time in Heaven’s kitchen 

On one day Mary is Sous-Chef 

While Barb is Captain of the Crew 

So, no more bitching 

Hope you get my point-of-view 

Nancy Fraioli The Wisdom of Transitioning I sat with my mom and Barb while they crossed beyond their rainbows. 

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