Hey, everyone! So much has happened in the last month, and it’s made me think
of the ever-changing ebb and flow of loss and renewal that occur in our lives.
Actually, I just read an article about Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, where those
exact two words were used by the UK ambassador to US! The ambassador, Ms.
Pierce, said about the Queen’s passing, “I think it’s very sad to think that has
finally come [to an end], but as your presenter said, it’s a moment also of
renewal. And those twin themes of loss and renewal, I think, go backwards and
forwards in people’s minds.”

“Twin themes” …That says a lot. I don’t think one can have loss without renewal-
think about it: You lose a loved one, and experience a tremendous loss- but there
is renewal, in that now you have to learn to move forward without that person
physically in your life. You are in a way, leaving what you knew in the past, and
going forward with a new way of existing. Of course, that’s just one of so many
examples of those “twin themes” (and I really love that description of it).
On a daily basis, we live with loss and renewal also. We get stressed, we get tired,
we feel beaten down- but we continue going forth, and shedding all of the bad
feelings, so that we can start fresh the next day.

Alright, let’s stop and be realistic for a sec – So many times we carry loss, like
matched Louis Vuitton baggage, for hours, days, months and years. BUT – I really
believe that even when we are in the depths of despair, there is also renewal
happening. When we are in our darkest moments, the seed of renewal is being
planted. It’s just impossible to think that one can exist without the other.
So- Instead of going on ad nauseum with examples, I thought I’d leave you with a
short poem…Love to each of you.

Plant a Seed in My Heart

Sudden Darkness
Winds swirling around
Terrifying me to my very

Why? How?
What will the future hold?
Will I be okay…
Will I be okay

Moments of clarity
Humor in situations
Making and taking the
Levity that comes
Will I be okay…
Will I be okay

Levity gone, despair returning
Sleepless, anxious
Losing weight and losing

Thoughts like a train
Speeding out of control
Will I be okay…
Will I be okay
Breaks of calm
Peaceful moments
When the light seems palpable
Sprouts of the future
A garden has been planted

Where I will rest in times of loss and renew my Spirit
Will I be okay…
I will be okay.

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