It’s only September and I say “WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS!” 

And I say we need a little CHRISTMAS….whether you believe it or not 

Our Earth in space is in such a hot spot 

Earth is in overload 

From the flood of tyrannical attacks 

When can we turn the wind to our backs 

So, as our Auntie Mame sings 

She makes hearts feel calmer 

“We need a little Christmas”

Although it’s end of summer 

Thinking of CHRISTMAS makes this old heart calmer But waiting for December for a bit of peace of mind Seems quite absurd; so I am out to find 

What things will quiet my whirling mind 

A smile from you or perhaps a passing prayer Will do my heart good and tell me that you care 

Our World is so worth saving 

But we must start behaving 

In a manner that’s more than discrete 

In fact, delete all dimensions 

Of irreverence which attacks all Souls 

May we, at least, concentrate 

On what makes us whole 

It is never too early to think of CHRISTMAS (not so much the crazy gift spending) 

But just the ‘silent’ peacefulness that 

Leads us to our hearts yielding 

Tranquil notions for you and me 

This is the beginning of feeling free 

Quiet evenings of silence 

So we may live on Earth, together, in reverence 

Salute to us with a little mulled wine 

And salute to our world which God created sublime Nancy Fraioli’s WISDOM

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