Hello Everyone, and a warm welcome to you all. Today is a blessing, and I am thankful for my life. My life’s mission is to assist in the enlightenment of all people who cross my path seeking a higher purpose. I do this through my work: author, blogger, and outreach activist. 

As a creative woman, it has been a journey for me regarding my spirituality. For years, I was severely introverted and wanted no help from others. I felt Spirit had rejected me. Sitting at a standstill, I felt broken and sought from the outside for something to fix me.

The concept of Spirit acting through me came about when I took a class at church. At last, I could finally grasp something of a higher consciousness. Here I meet with other like-minded people who understand the power of intention and affirmation. Most importantly, I am learning how to connect with my Source and having an inner life with it.

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Being out in nature is one way how I connect to Spirit. The feel of the trees and the texture of the ground, along with the fresh air, create a once-in-a-lifetime experience each time I go. The foliage has always played a significant role in my life whether it be the flowers and seeds I planted in my mom’s garden or the trees I used to play with in the woods as a child. It is incredible to watch a tomato plant grow from a planted seed. That is Creator in action. Over the years, I have allowed my green thumb to blossom, and I am amazed at what has manifested.

Over twenty years ago, I bought myself a small aloe and planted it in a small pot, where it lived for years. Now it is large and is in the garden. However, because of this summer’s accelerated temperatures and a sudden faulty drip system, my beloved aloe dried up and turned red. With the hose and tender loving care, the succulent turned green and opened again. Suddenly a friend of mine told me her nephew is an expert in the field. We hired him and he will begin to fix the drip system. 

A second way I connect to Spirit is by reciting my favorite Psalm from the Bible, Psalm 23. I will never forget my introduction to this prayer. It was on the day of my First Communion. My grandmother’s best friend gave me that Psalm as a gift. Since then, the verses have been like a friend. I love the part where it says you sit at a banquet table in front of all your enemies. This prayer has helped me heal from past hurts and thus create a new experience.

I understand Spirit is always with me and the Psalm’s meaning when it says that Creator goes with you through the darkness. This verse gives me hope when going through scary times. I am never alone, and all my needs are divinely met. 

“It is done unto you as you believe.”

Mathew 9:27

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Throughout my life, I have participated in various service work, from cleaning cat shelters to helping in homeless soup kitchens. For the past several years, I have been a member of my church group, where we provide lunches to the homeless once a month. We have also taken the boxed lunches and blankets to the streets of Los Angeles. It is a warm feeling to give, and I do this with love. I get a lot of ‘God Bless.’

Homelessness is very complex. In today’s world, it goes across the board and touches everyone. Apart from the growing population of “Off-grid” living, being homeless is the only option and last resort. For some, all it takes is something like losing a job or having a medical procedure and suddenly, this person can’t pay their rent and have nowhere else to go. Being homeless is a tough life where one must always be alert and ready to move at the drop of a hat. If you have a job during the day, you could come home to find your camp gone. Things some often taken for granted are luxuries on the street, such as taking a shower or wearing clean clothes.

One item that the homeless are in high demand are, is socks. It gets cold at night, even in the summertime, and this may be the only protection they have for their feet. We create toiletry bags with socks that we distribute to those living outdoors. By doing this, we are helping another move one step closer to getting off the street. Everyone deserves housing and a living wage along with opportunities. I will see that in my lifetime.

Today, gratitude fills my soul, and it is a blessing to give back. I want to see the world evolve into the peaceful place I know it can be. Every time you can do something nice for someone else will bring this goal closer for all of us—even a simple thing as letting someone with one item in front of you at the grocery store. My favorite saying is, “pay it forward.” By doing this, our good acts will mushroom into a new existence, one with peace and harmony for all.

Thank you for coming today. Stay tuned for next time. For more about Lynn Lawler and to receive her newsletter, please visit www.lynnlawlerbooks.com.


Lynn Lawler is a writer whose stories reflect women’s everyday lives. Her plots
include themes about the unknown, mysterious, and mystical. There is a range of
diversity which adds a depth of realism.

Lynn’s characters face life-changing events, and they come to life by awakening
to the spiritual Truth about themselves. At the same time, the players must endure
extreme challenges that deepen their character.

Originally from Michigan, the author traveled to Arizona at the start of her spiritual
journey. While there, she worked in an outdoor market and a food co-op. She also
studied Reiki and Theta DNA™.

Her interests include meditation, helping the homeless, gaming, watching
baseball, and playing chess. She lives at her home with her wife and cats in Southern

She is the owner of Lynn Lawler’s Creative Artists’ Blog, a site where she
presents book reviews in various genres, including speculative fiction, fantasy, and
romance. You can find author news and guest blogs at www.lynnlawler.blog.
Currently, she is working on another adventure. For news and updates, go
to www.lynnlawlerbooks.com.

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