When I began this ‘masked’ article, we’d not heard of Ukraine; let alone the unknown

happenings that were about to take place! And, all the unsurmountable hardships that

were about to be thrust upon us; in America and the world over!

This is about my ‘imagining’ of how God thinks about the ugly occurrences shed on His Earth!

No need to make a laundry list of the ill happenings, here, on Earth! You and I know them 

all too well!  Yes, the ‘masks’ still exist but now we carry, on our Souls, other markings

just as injurious! Somehow we’ve lost the sight of Faith, Hope and Grace! It seems that

the majority of people follow their own hearts but it’s the minority that has a tight grasp

on the good, bad and ugly! Where are you in this fiasco of indecision?



           WORLD AROUND US.”     Socrates


I thought I’d never have to ask

Why my beautiful world must wear a mask

How dare my world be put to such a test 

Spinning our axis and creating a mess

Killing with a germ

Did I not make it firm

When humanities rights are submerged

It is time to converge

That (my) world is spinning out of control

Now, it ceases to be whole

If you thought, God said, I was angry when I crushed the 10 rules

For behavior that made people look like fools

Those who covet my rights with a germ called Covid-19

A killer, worst I’ve ever seen

I am not done with those who have transgressed

With the lives of the living  and putting so many to the test and to rest

Especially, caging the aging

My Blessed souls 

When all they wanted was to be whole

Now we must learn

To become firm

To change the rules of yesterday

It’s the only way

We can stay

Watch, when others put themselves above the crowd

They may speak loud

One way or the other

But we’re here to defend

Sister, brother, Father, Mother

Wisdom comes, sometimes late

Rules have been broken; like days of old

Only God creates our fate

And brings us back to the fold

Prayers for all who have endured

The worst and for all who have been cured

Keep in touch with those who still stay away from the crowd

Because they speak loud

Even one little prayer will show our concern

‘Till the day they return

To our open arms

Away from harm

Watch and guide our children so they may learn

And discern

Good from bad

Speak to their hearts; make them glad

Bring Your Peace to us all

So that we may stand tall

Before God and man


f/n/f  Wisdom Wishes…may God in His Wisdom help us with our messes and Bless us!

My WISDOM was shot to Hell

When they began to tell

About a new contender in the ring

Maybe Queen, maybe King

Of our Universe

But I’m here to disperse

One new step to the left and maybe one to the right

I’m in for the fight

To knock out flat a germ

With a punch so firm

We’ll be on our feet

And return the Universe to its rightful seat

F/N/F My version of Wisdom versus The Universe and its Enemy

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