A quiet alley way that we live on 

Is aligned with colorful small deep blue tables 

And matching chairs 

Purple pots with greenery tops 

Align the stairs 

A high Tower at the end of our alley way 

Is our church with its golden steeple 

Where the stay-at-home Summer people 

Meet and pray

A long door with a stained window of color 

Once opened, this family has much to offer 


Blues, soft and deep 


With mellow dove gray concrete 

Embrace our luxurious blue door 

Which gives it magical allure 

To all who pass are welcome within 

Colors change once you are drawn in 

Our bright yellow lemons, oranges, red apples 

And purple grapes in a wooden coffee brown bowl help to unfold 

To a mid day sun so bold 

Fresh figs, nuts and dates 

Most definately create 

A warmth of our love and faithful state 

Please enter our humble abode 

Our eating room is long and wide where stories unfold 

And welcomes all who step inside 

Many have said 

It’s our place where minds and mouths are fed 

To make a body feel its weight in gold 

It has been told 

Our table of aged maple is long and created by hand 

Our chairs are deep purple end to end 

Strawberry red, Blue and lime green 

With paisley designed seats; an artist’s dream 

Everyone who leaves our Cucina departs 

With gladdened hearts 

Here we exchange old recipes 

Here we love to linger with yesterday’s memories 

Share our love of God, country and reasons for our existences 

Our love of food and family 

And this we call reminiscences 

Giving daily thanks for our liveliness 


(One Thank You is enough for a prayer; It shows, and He knows we care) ………….. WISDOM IN PRAYER Nancy Fraioli

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