Greetings, friends!  This month the theme is “Nature”, and so many things came to mind, so I’ve decided to write about it all in poem form.  Hope you enjoy.

Great majesty of Nature

Cathedrals of trees, creating an 

Endless cycle of life

Birds, bugs, all non-human creatures-

Living together without expectations 

But only existing to their fullest

It’s the Nature of Things.

The back-handed compliment,

A trusted secret shared

Comments made in jest that intend to hurt

But of course, not – “I’m only kidding”

It’s the Nature of Things.

The violet unfolding its petals on the front lawn

Doesn’t worry about the dandelion next to it-

It blooms without competition, but rather in

Compliment to the others blooming beside

It’s the Nature of Things.

Discarding someone suddenly without cause

Gossips with their tongues fiery and pointed

Trying desperately to have others see you as superior

Because you are suffering from immense inferiority

It’s the Nature of Things.

Geese roaming freely by the water

Ducks walking past and birds flying by-

No quarrels or fights, no confrontations

Each just going about their daily life

It’s the Nature of Things.

Friends who lift you up

When you are down

Those who love you when you can’t

Find a way to love yourself

The ones who show love freely,

Just because they care

It’s the Nature of Things.

Sun shining down on the water

Ripples in the sand

Stones rounded by time and erosion

Yet made more beautiful from it all

It’s the Nature of Things.

Passing time that softens the blows

Making you stronger, even when you don’t feel it

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes 

of what you had always known

But no longer served you

It’s the Nature of Things.

Nature knows harmony

There is no pretense

Only we as humans live to deceive 

And should learn from the simplicity of 

What is all around us- It could be so easy

It’s the Nature of Things.

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