“The true profession of a man is finding his way to himself.” Herman Hesse My Soul is learning earthly habits…. It’s finding its true Nature and growing with ‘wisdom’ 

How many lives must my Soul live 

To capture and know its true desire 

What I wouldn’t give 

To know my Soul and what really sets it afire 

Myself, a body standing out in the Universe 

With all the planets; God may I now go in reverse 

Introduce my Soul which seems to stand in granite 

Soften my Soul gradually as it (sheds) and becomes less stagnant 

Why didn’t I take better care 

Why didn’t I realize, why wasn’t I made aware 

That the body of me was more than me, ( myself and I) 

Why when we were learning our ABC”s and 1,2,3’s 

In kindergarten where we all begin to learn 

To discern 

Habits, words and playful ideas 

To form strong thoughts so we can be free as 

The wind that tickles and rustles the tree branches 

We are loose enough to join the dances 

To learn early that life is full of chances 

Grab on to that early thought that romances 

Your Body, Mind and Soul 

The kind of world that fits your nature and nourishes your Soul! 

The essence of your chosen work which makes you whole 

So many are we that fit the category 

Of would have been, should have been or even worse 

Might have been; if we hadn’t listened to one who sounded so mandatory And don’t palm it off as a curse 

If you or I were good folks of intention 

There would be no need to mention 

A life that could or may have been 

No need to place blame except on our own inventions 

Soul Wisdom by Nancy Fraioli 05/05/22

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