Let the trees and flowers grow again in Ukraine 

Where the fields of golden wheat and corn have been 

Reduced to char and ashes 

By the order of a madman who sends iron guns and trashes All the footsteps of time 

He sets himself off; alone 

As though he’s been enshrined 

Although he has a heart of stone 

He is not part of the divine 

Far from it; he does create 

Thoughts, words, ideas and thoughts of hate! 

While Lent is about The Father and His chosen son 

And how Jesus would not run 

From the fate Pilot would impose 

On the innocents of a man and expose 

Jesus served up like a battering ram 

Reminds me of Ukraine, anther lamb 

Surrounded by Putin’s war mongers of hate 

Filled with intense hostility 

Ready to deliver a fate 

Without causality 

The Innocence of Christ 

Is like the innocence of the Ukrainians 

Let’s be precise 

Pilots have existed throughout the ages 

And when they show their fangs 

They show their rages 

This is what happens when a little man 

Needs to be an emperor without a crown 

Eventually he’ll be taken down

But the blameless will be hurt fighting for their cause 

Because of another pilot enforcing his laws 

As we bow our heads and hearts in prayer 

We do care 

May Ukraine’s lenten season be brought to a halt 

For a people without fault 

May God grace you, Ukraine, with white lilies and golden wheat And a new bread seasoned with a precious yeast 

May our new Easter embrace Ukraine in its feat 

Let the trees, grass and wheat grow again 

in Ukraine 

* * * * 

Samuel 17 50…”(Thus David overcame the Pilustine with a sling and stone; He struck the Philistine mortally, and did it without a sword:)” 

* * * * 

My Lenten prayer for Ukraine ….” Their magnificent Spirits embolden me.” f/n/f 03/05/22

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