Hello Everyone, and a warm welcome to you all! I Thank ‘The Daily Feels’ for publishing this blog and my friend, Julie Slater, for telling me about this publication! As a reader, I have gained a lot of insight and have read many words of wisdom through others’ experiences here.

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My name is Lynn Lawler, and I am an author and blogger. I love to help other authors by promoting them on my Author blog, Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog. Here I present guest authors who share their stories, writing processes, and about themselves. I feel that by doing this, I am opening up the door, not just for them but for others who may be reading the blog.

Today I want to discuss the concept of Miracles. For most of my life, I accepted the belief that Miracles were random acts that appeared out of nowhere. Over the years, I have done much studying, reflection, research on concepts like Miracles and my view of them has changed. I now see them as manifestations of our consciousness with a solid and focused intention.

I want to share something with you that was a hurdle for a long time of my journey. In 2006, I decided to make a life-changing decision when I became sober. I was blessed at the same time with my wife entering my life around my sobriety date. She has been a significant support in my recovery today. From then to now, I can honestly say, ‘I am a miracle.’ I feel my new life is a miracle, and I live in gratitude.

One of the aspects of sobriety is a change in thinking. In the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was introduced to the books of Louise Hay, including ‘Heal your Life.’ At first, I was confused over the concept of self-love. However, over the years, I have expanded my way of thinking. I have found a connection with Spirit, and I now turn my life over to Its care. I have a new friend who guides me and provides for me abundantly. 

Miracles have opened the door for me to understand higher truths and teachings. When they happen, I take time to get quiet and reflect on them. I can see more of the bigger picture. During this transition, many things have come forward that I was not entirely convinced would happen. 

The biggest miracle for me is just being here living my life with a connection to my spiritual source. With that, anything is possible. This has deepened my perception of things and understanding that Spirit is infinite Intelligence, and Its essence is Love. Spirit responds to affirmative prayer requests. 

It’s a myth that only certain people can perform miracles. Miracles are everyday occurrences that manifest when one is in harmony with their spiritual source. Everyone can do this. For example, there are people here on the planet who have been able to experience instant healing. 

How can miracles manifest? This is not as hard as it sounds. The critical thing to remember is to speak in the present tense and thank the Universe for making it happen. Another thing is to understand the power of intention. Your intention must be a conviction of truth that you seek to manifest.

A tool that has been extremely helpful for me for manifestation is the visualization board we have in our office. Here I post pictures and writings of what I want to manifest. This way, I have a picture of what the manifestation will look like. Many people have manifested with these vision boards, and I highly recommend them. I keep prayers posted to mine to remind me about my connection with Spirit.

Miracles have become a part of my life. They enlighten my soul. Life itself is a miracle and something amazing to contemplate.

An example. Recently as I was sitting in my backyard, I got to experience watching nature in action. A hummingbird came over to the tree next to me and began eating the tree’s nectar. I quickly got out my phone and was amazed that I could shoot a 20-second video of the bird feasting. The amazing thing was that the bird acted as though I wasn’t there and felt no threat from me. 

Another miracle is a lavender bush that planted itself in our garden without the help of anyone. It is now a big plant. More nature has been growing here as a result of our nurturing. 

Today I can go to my backyard in all conditions and feel peace. No more am I bothered by outside disturbances. I see and feel the loveliness of life that exists here. It is amazing to watch my succulents bloom several times a year. The beautiful flowers attract the hummingbirds. I feel I live in paradise. And the beauty is, I get to see this every day!

I hope and trust that as we get through our current reality, brutality will fall to the wayside and love will conquer all. I want to see our planet experience world peace and harmony. I know this is possible and many others have the same dream too. I am blessed to be part of the ever-growing spirituality we embrace. I fully believe this is possible and will happen before our eyes.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on miracles today. I am sending you off with love.

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Lynn Lawler is a writer, who has published two books with Triplicity Publishing. Her stories reflect everyday lives of women after being faced with life changing events. In addition to writing, she enjoys helping the homeless, gaming, and playing chess. She lives at her home with her wife and cats. Originally from Michigan, she travelled out West on the start of her spiritual journey. She has studied Reiki and Theta DNA™. She enjoys writing about the unknown, mysterious, and mystical.

She is also the owner of Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog, a site where she authors book reviews in various genres, including LGBTQ themed. In addition, you can find her author news and guest blogs. The blog is at www.lynnlawler.blog.

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