Did you miss me??? I missed y’all. A special thank you to the lovely/scrumptious Jennifer Boutelle for keeping the feels going and letting me write this blog. 

Everyday in life it is a gift. I learned that a long time ago and I try to remember this simple fact everyday.

Every year there is one day that is your day, your birthday. I get Father’s Day also but my birthday is the one day out of the year that it’s really all about me. Turning 50 is a milestone birthday. As this special day approached me I starting reflecting back on my life. What have I achieved, thought about friends and family that I have lost, and thought about my future. 

Is turning 50 a depressing thing? For the last several weeks I have been saying that I was fifty to people and to my kids. Typically Brady corrects me. For example I’ll say to him “Brady I’m 50 I’ve seen many things in my lifetime. He will say NO.. you are 49… liar… he’s a real smartass. Definitely from his mother, not from me. 

Here are some of my thoughts on turning 50:

Turning 50 means that more than likely half your life has passed by. 

It means they haven’t made a really good comedy in the last 30 years of your life. 

It means you have tolerated hip hop and rap and other bad music genres for way too long. 

It means you have probably spent a year of your life on Facebook and other social media sites, and have seen over 100,000 pics of the Levine children. 

It means you probably lost some great people in your life. I know I have. 

It means you left high school 65% of your life ago. 

It means you’ve never seen a Kardashian do real work. 

It means for 60% of my life Hillary has been making news in it and no sign of her going away. 

It means I lived through 10 presidential administrations. 

It means you lived through a pandemic

It means you knew what a Pontiac was

It means that you have probably laughed so hard that you lost your breath. It means you have probably cried over something you lost.

It means you have spent at least a week of your life looking for that damn fucking phone!!!

It means you remember when Martha Quinn played videos on MTV.

Those are a few examples of what I’ve had running through my head lately. Along with planning for all the major milestones that I will share with my children in the coming years.  They are my greatest accomplishment for my first half century. 

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