It’s March 2022. It’s supposed to be a month of remembrance for Women’s Rights and all the hero’s before us that made a way for us to prosper. Sounds glorious, right? Well, it would be if our rights didn’t come with an awkward growing phase on complete display for public scrutiny. Turns out, even with all the “rights” we have today, there’s still so much struggle to utilize those rights. Just because certain “rights” are on paper, doesn’t mean the entire world just flipped the script and got onboard. Nope. Every change, every evolution that’s ever stuck, did so by continuing to push through no matter the resistance. 

So this…is for you, ladies. 

To the woman who raised those kids with no child support and no partner at all…I stand with you. 

To the woman fighting for garnished wages & repayment from the guy who started a new family and gave up on his first one…. I stand with you. 

To the woman who’s been overlooked for that promotion because your boldness is seen as annoying vs. insightful…I stand with you. 

To the woman branded a “nagger” for demanding the same respect from her partner or boss or friend that they feel entitled to… I stand with you. 

To the working mom up until 2am finishing that project to get paid; then gets back up at 3am to take care of your baby…I stand with you. 

To that stay at home mom who decided to homeschool her kids to keep her values and morals intact vs. caving for others comfort…I stand with you. 

To the woman still single at 30, 40, or even at 50 who was told she’d be happier if she just found someone already…I stand with you. 

To every woman who ever questioned her worth…

…slowed her roll to make sure everyone crossed the finish line, not just herself. 

…carried all the hard stuff for her entire family on her back like a soldier at war WHILE smiling like the load is light as a feather. I stand with you. 

…turned the other cheek to show onlookers that winning the Integrity War is more important than winning the Petty Battle. I stand with you. 

To the woman who can’t have kids but wants them so badly she goes to the nursery to hold sick, unwanted babies… I stand with you. 

To the woman who believes hitting her knees & bowing her head to pray ACTUALLY does count… I stand with you. 

To all the women who were told no so many times, yet they found a way to make a yes…you better believe, I will stand with you. 

Lastly, to every woman who’s ever just woken up and smiled about the day ahead, despite the trials awaiting…I stand with you. 

You are not alone. 

Your struggles ARE worth it. 

You can be flawed and still beautiful. 

You can fall and get back up without having to wear society’s shame like a name tag. 

You can be vigilant AND soft, YET hard as nails and unwavering when you need to. 

You are not a feminist simply because you see your worth. 

You are not any label, for that matter, that YOU didn’t give yourself. 

Not one person in this world knows your heart like you do. What you feel, what you express, what you are passionate about is yours. Say it softly or scream it loudly.  Whatever makes you come live…do that. 

Because this world doesn’t need quiet women that fall in line. We need every type of woman to be in her authentic element, celebrating her awesomeness. 

The world will never just open up and change without resistance to the old norm. Time isn’t upon us, it’s always been in us. 

Every moment is a chance to level up. You pick the timing. You pick the terms. And if someone tries to snuff out your light…in the words of Lisa Nichols, hand them some shades. 

Nothing But Love, 


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