In August of 2020, while spending time with my family in Ohio, I started practicing daily affirmation meditations. Meditation has been an essential aspect of my self-care routine, but affirmations were new to me. I committed 21 days to speaking goodness to myself. I soon felt that some of the negativity spoken to me from others that had been stored in my body over the years was replaced with light. I felt lighter. I felt the most beautiful, pure parts of my spirit be ignited again. I wrote about the peace, clarity, and self-awareness that I gained in my O-H-I-O  post. 

As Summer turned to Fall, the end of 2020 really took a toll in so many ways I began to need a boost. I wanted something to hold in my hands and use as a practice during my meditation. So, I created my Daily Affirmation Cards and had them printed. I gave them as Christmas gifts that year. The responses that I received made me realize that we all need to put self-love, self-empowerment, and self-respect into practice. An episode of Euphoria this season centered around the character Kat and her feelings about herself and her situation. It made me think about how we define self-love. We preach “love yourself,” but many people are lost, not understanding what it means or what it looks like to truly love themselves. I won’t give away the entire scene but Kat was bombarded with messages of loving herself and other positive self-help phrases. It was a powerful scene that reflected the frustration and confusion that is often experienced on the self-love journey. It’s important to be real about our struggles. In life. In love. In work. In parenting. In all of it. I created Love Notes & Sunshine to empower & inspire women to live freely, fully and create a life that they love.

Women’s empowerment has always been near to my heart. I have exciting news that I will be sharing soon. For now, please follow me on IG Love Notes & Sunshine.


Tiffany Reneé

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