With their little hook 

And bated line with a letter 

They ask the fishes to help them make a book 

To make their Grandma’s life better 

Their Nonna, from Italy, could not hear 

And always had a fear 

Whenever she spoke 

To the ‘hearing’ folk 

Her speech would not be refined 

And on their fishing line 

They hope to find 

Letters that will build and not fetter 

Let us find those letters 

Which will bind 

Happy symbols that are kind 

Whose ever hearing is bound 

To those without sound

“When you fish for love bait with your heart, not your brain” 

Mark Twain 

All accomplished with skillful 

Hands and fingers in magnificent choreography 

Dancing quiet words in harmony 

They often think of their Nonna 

From across the sea 

Even though she had a Voice 

Her non-hearing gave her no choice 

To refrain from speaking 

Thinking her words were all babble 

Making her a label 

She soon found 

Even though she could not hear the sound 

Her grandchildren’s “hearing book” 

Right off their hook 

Touched her heart, mind and Soul 

Suddenly, she felt whole 


Some thoughts and words I knitted together in poetry. Or maybe even fished from the Lake. A little tribute to my own Italian grandmother, whom I called Nonna. 

She had a severe hearing problem and felt it was like a punishment. Now as I review her Life on earth, I wish I had had the insight, back then, to have helped her. Made her life a little easier. It must have been so lonely for her. 

Her own lack of hearing gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of sound! Bless all those who hear with their hearts! 

Remembering my Nonna with love. 

~Nancy Fraioli, The Sound of Wisdom

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