According to the Collins dictionary, new is defined:


Something that is new has been recently created, built, or invented or is in the process of being created, built, or invented.


Something that is new has not been used or owned by anyone.


You use new to describe something which has replaced another thing, for example because you no longer have the old one, or it no longer exists, or it is no longer useful.

Beginning is defined:


The beginning of an event or process is the first part of it.


The beginnings of something are the signs or events which form the first part of it.


The beginning of a period of time is the time at which it starts.

As we grow personally, we grow out of the story. The pattern. The pain. The consistent inconsistency with our hearts. The fear. The confusion. The drama. When we heal and understand our self-worth in new ways, we make different choices. We understand that we actually have choices. Playing it safe and small no longer serves you. (Did it ever?) It is telling when you see the people in your life accept the new script and connect with it and applaud it or reject it. It’s so interesting when people get upset with you for taking care of your mind/body/spirit if in their eyes it goes against their needs and wants. As the saying goes, you are not responsible for the version of you that they have created in their mind. You are responsible for your energy, authenticity, and overall wellness. People at times criticize the new year, new me mantra. Sometimes, those are the same people that are stuck. Stuck not growing, stuck judging. I try to learn and grow daily. Life always presents an opportunity for expansion and elevation. We have to be in tune with those every day new beginnings.

If I recognize that a pattern has continuously drained me and not added value to my life, why keep committing to it? Yes, at times I can show up because I have the capacity to deal with whatever is thrown my way. But if I know I don’t have enough energy to spare, I will unapologetically choose myself every time. I can look back at too many times when I put my well-being in harm’s way for the sake of not being seen as difficult. Guess what, people who truly care about you, think of your heart. They think of your needs and wants and mental health. So, stop putting more care into situations and people who show time and time again that they don’t care unless it suits them.

I have found that there is peace in doing what is authentic to my soul. No matter if it rocks the boat. Let it rock. The water will calm, but if we keep choosing things outside of ourselves at the cost of our joy— we truly will create an internal storm. And it’s simply not worth it.

When we embrace the truth of it all, we can accept people for who they are. When you accept people as they are, you can then make the decision whether or not this person gets your time and when. 

People do not owe you their time. If someone chooses to be with you in these precious moments that we have… make it worth their time. Consider their perspective. Add to their life. Bring comprehension. Bring joy. Bring goodness. Bring wisdom. Bring love. Make it worth it. 

If I’ve learned anything over the past 2 years, one lesson for sure is time is invaluable. You can’t make up, replace or get a do-over with your time and energy. Choose wisely. Choose with your heart. Choose with authenticity. Always remember, you do have a choice. And sometimes the choice lies in a new beginning…


Tiffany Reneé

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