I am a LIAR! I didn’t realize this about myself until my adult life. Sure, we all tell a little
white lie here or there to protect ourselves or our friends and family. BUT…the lying I’ve
been doing has been going on for DECADES!! Who have I been lying to? I’ve been lying

The lies I’ve been feeding myself are that I always get the short end of the stick, that I
always lose. Lies about how “it’s always me” and telling myself that I can’t be successful
and that any success I achieve is temporary. I have been telling myself these lies since I was
a young girl.

I have had so many challenges since the start of my life and even though I was always very
optimistic and positive, there would always come a point where I would sink down, feel
sorry for myself, get angry, and wallow for a bit before finally picking myself back up.

Back in the 90s as a tween/teen, I felt like it was easier to pick myself back up, even my
college days weren’t too bad, but these days with social media and the constant presence
of other people’s “highlight reels” and unsolicited opinions, it makes it harder to feel good
about yourself and what you’re doing in and with your life.

As I have gotten older and continued to have challenges, I have realized that my challenges
have only made me more knowledgeable, more empathetic, and stronger than I ever could
have imagined. I’m not saying things get easier and I still get scared sometimes, but I am
finally letting all this crap go and it feels good.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this to themselves, so today I ask you this: Are you
lying to yourself? Are you ready to let it go? Let’s say this all together:
“I am TIRED of my lies and I am so ready to embrace my truth!” We’ve got this!!!!!

Self-employed piano and voice teacher, wellness enthusiast, fur mama living in CT. I love anything creative from music to crafting and photography. I love to be in nature and in the warmer months you’ll find me there.

Instagram @valeriealtman813

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