It’s been about a year since I’ve written for The Daily Feels. I was asked to be a Guest Blogger and write a what-I’ve-been-up-to-since kinda blog. 

Sure, I thought. I could talk about some cool accomplishments, our first real vacation since the pandemic began, and how fun it’s been doing my CUZ I HAVE TO podcast for the past year. 

But you know what really sticks out the most for me since last December?

My stomach. 


It feels like I have a tire tied around my waist. I wanna call this weight gain something cute like:

“My COVID-20,” or “A Love Bubble,” or just in time Christmas, “My Jolly Old St. Belly.” 

But it’s more like a “It’s Hard for Me to Bend Down to Tie My Shoes” stomach. And it is really uncomfortable. I don’t know how you do it, Santa, but I’m not HO-HO-HAVING it.

Then I heard my mentor Lisa Carpenter say: 

“Things we love, we take care of. PERIOD.”

That’s when it hit me. If I truly loved myself and my body MORE, I would take better care of it. Instead of sitting around saying, “Woe is me,” it’s time to take stock of where I’m at physically and mentally and hold myself accountable.

I want to step up the LOVE game over here. So I’m going to start taking action from this list I created to LOVE MYSELF MORE. And just in case you’re feelin’ the need for more self-lovin,’ here goes:


  1. Look at yourself in the mirror EVERY day and say,

“Hey, you’re awesome! I love you.”

Repeat 9 more times. And mean it!

  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for each day. Imagine where you’d be without water, air to breath, a place to live, soap, etc.!
  • Write down 10 things you love about your body. Your body is strong – look at all it can do.
  • Do something daily that makes your body feel good and cared for: take a long, hot bath, get a massage, put on cozy PJs.
  • Cook! Learn to make a new healthy recipe (I love skinnytaste recipes).
  • Drink more water – feed your body.
  • Take 10 minutes to read daily – feed your soul.
  • MOVE your body each day – a walk, yoga, dancing.
  • Find your joy. Do something every day that makes you smile. Play with a puppy, draw something, listen to a song that makes you feel good.
  • Take 10 minutes to sit in silence daily. Slow…it…down.

BE with your thoughts. That’s where you’ll find peace

and a little more space to LOVE YOURSELF like you mean it.

So, that’s where I’m at, Daily Feelers. I’m taking a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and loving myself and my body – exactly as it is. I am grateful for what my body has done and continues to do for me. I’ve run marathons, for heaven’s sake. I got this. And now I’m on the road to taking care of myself and my body – better – because I love myself. And I take care of the things I love.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give. When we love ourselves, we attract more love all around us like a magnet. And who doesn’t want to be in the middle of a love sandwich. 😊

Signing off until next time. Happy Holidays.

Julie Slater, aka THE LOTUS FLOWER, is the Feels’ mindfulness guru. You may recognize her voice – she’s a voiceover artist, audiobook narrator, and host of the CUZ I HAVE TO podcast.

Our lil’ lotus is a music freak and has DJ’d on top stations: 88.5 FM and 100.3 the Sound in LA, and 92.3 K-Rock in NYC following Howard Stern.

Julie loves time with her boyfriend Jason and dog Rayla. You’ll often find her meditating, doing yoga, candle making, going to concerts, and cooking. She has a slight obsession with deep, dark cabernets & small-batch whiskey.


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