Happy Monday, Daily Feelers! 

It’s Monday of Thanksgiving week and since it’s a time to be grateful, I thought I’d start the week off with a little reminder we might all need:

If you don’t have anything NICE to say, shhhhhh. 

Read it again. 

If you don’t have anything nice to say, just shhhhhh. 

Yep. I said it. What? This is the week of Thankfulness so I’m presenting you with a challenge. 

Can you go 5 days straight without a single negative word coming out? Do. It. I dare you. I bet you can. I’m hoping I can. Lord knows I’m going to try my hardest this week to remember what I’m grateful for and tell them sarcastic side shade comments to shush. 

I confess, I’m a little over 2021. It seemed to suck just as much as 2020 much to my dismay. But let me check myself….

If I don’t have anything nice to say….

Ok. Ok. in the spirit of this challenge, I’m gonna share with you, in the most friendly of ways, what I am grateful for this week. 

In 2021, I am grateful for friends. Thank you for making the effort to keep in touch and share your love. It has kept me from loneliness and bitterness in a year that has brought me many challenges. I have yet to face any of them solo thanks to your amazing loyalty.

Thank you for the family. Blood or Inherited, I thank YOU for getting my back. There’s been some wolves in sheep’s clothing popping up like weeds in concrete all year and without you, I’d be behind bars possibly. I got you. You got me. Whew. What a year. 

I also want to show appreciation to kind people in general. You make the world softer in cold, hard times. Your random act of kindness did not go unnoticed if it happened to me. (Tip my hat.)

Thank you to those that have meditated daily. You help balance the ying /yang of the universe. Namaste. I will be adding this practice into my routine. I could use some of that grounding spirit. 

I am so glad we had movies to go see this year in theaters. So, also thank you to whoever made Ron Gone Wrong. I can’t say the title clearly without talking very slow, but it was cute. Well done. 

And well, I’m thankful for having air in my lungs and still some good love in my heart. After the last few years of sorrow, loss, sickness, and change…I’m still breathing. I’m still loving and living. Very thankful for that. 

Whewwwwwww ok that felt good. I think I’m onto something here, my fellow feelers. What if we focus everyday this week on gratitude? Then the next week? And so on?! I’m gonna try. That I know. 

You see, there’s plenty to complain about. There’s plenty of “whoa is me” moments I could share, but I’m sticking to my challenge. If I don’t have anything nice to say, I’m just gonna shhhhh. What I just shared is about all the bubbly good vibes I can share as we head into this holiday week. I’ll explain why in another blog so I keep with my challenge here. 😝

May this challenge bring you peace of mind and lots of stuffing. Travel safe. Be lovely. And remember to be nice. Christmas is coming and you don’t want coal in your stocking. Do you?  

Nothing but Love, 


JB Boutelle has worked in “The Biz” for almost a decade, yet she’s somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Her altruistic spirit aims to evoke your Inner Phoenix and encourage readers to take the difficult leaps in life, so you can continue to grow.

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