Over the past two years, I have developed a voracious appetite for content. I like comedy, drama, scripted, reality, rom-coms, fiction, action, and non-fiction. And as a non-cord-cutter, I have a premium cable subscription that keeps some of my classic networks in rotation, but I am also an OTT subscriber. All in, I am a consumer of a lot of content and a lover of good human stories.

I am fascinated by the amount of storytelling and character exploration I’ve invested in over the past 12+ months. As I watch these stories unfold, particularly in series form, I’ve now become intertwined in how they navigate the ebbs and flows of life. I started early and then got deep into This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Power season over season. These characters navigated relationships, marriage, parenting, death, and life in ways that were often relatable, but sometimes the sheer resolution of it all (whatever IT was), felt like I saw a bit of myself in said character. So perhaps I was open to giving some new shows a try throughout our global pandemic because, why not. Between New Amsterdam, Insecure, Money Heist, Ozark, A Million Little Things, Succession, Euphoria, and All American, plus the dozens of new movies that got released, I allowed, and continue to allow, the stories to provide me an escape or an anchor to be present in the moment.

Working in television for over 10+ years has clearly provided me an appreciation for the stories making it to the big screen. I’m watching everything from the costume design and production quality/location to intently listening to the dialogue and seeking to uncover the behind-the-scenes storytellers. I’ve found that as I have experienced these stories, while not always equal in relatability, there is always an opportunity for me to glean a piece of empathy to their story and uncover a parallel within my own life.

As the Black Butterfly, over the past year with Our Daily Feels, I’ve continued to “unpack and explore life transformations,” through my own personal experiences. For a moment, I thought tapping into art imitating life for lessons I have gathered, provided me a little bit of levity. I mean, the biggest lesson is that every season that starts will eventually have an end and a lesson. More on that in my December post.

Two of my faves I’ve enjoyed with my ten-year-old #CMK – Colin in Black And White and Swagger. I intentionally always seek to uncover content not just for me, but for #CMK to relate to, digest, and learn from. There have been many conversations about history, race in America, social-emotional feelings, and basketball over 2020-2021. So when these two shows covered off on all the above, I was able to lock and load with my son.

The Ava Duvernay masterpiece delivered reflections of Colin’s high school life stories and struggles through his own lens. We were submerged in seeing the joy and the heartbreak as he narrated through the conscious and unconscious bias he experienced in life and sport. It was awesome to observe #CMK pay attention to the scenarios and then to use those moments to spark dialogue between us. Whether it was about Colin’s athletic ability and commitment to sport or his observation or confrontation of challenging circumstances, we took the opportunity to talk about how #CMK might have responded. It was a total bonding moment with my scholar-athlete.

When I think about the content that really drives me, it’s where the characters tend to be beautifully human and flawed. In a world where instant-gratification, social celebration, and well-curated images with witty copy are the norm, the journey to progress (over perfection) continues to intrigue me. I whole-heartedly relate to the resilience of the struggle. The how of arriving to the other side is a high point of curiosity for me. I believe this is because I have always loved to hear and learn about people’s stories now that I think about it.

As a writer, non-fiction is where I’ve always hung my hat professionally and personally. I wrote a ton of executive and celebrity bios throughout my career, and whether it was Patti LaBelle or Snoop Dogg, the journey always yielded highs and lows. And the ability of the protagonist to self-reflect and continue to navigate the terrain, I am invested. Life is a montage of memories, so when these well-structured stories dive into the complexities life brings forth, I am committed to the resolution and collateral experience along the way.

In 2022, I actually want to dive back into reading the same way that I have consumed content. I assume with the same investment of time, the words will jump off the page in ways that connect me in a different way to the story. And while I have no desire to be a screenwriter, I do have published author aspirations. There’s a book on my heart I have wanted to write for quite a while – but life. So now that I’ve utilized this process of writing for The Daily Feels as my entree to re-engaging the writer in me, I’m powering through to navigate my what’s next. And it is my hope that I’ll not only dedicate myself to the process, I’ll stay committed through the ups and downs of the process to get to the other side.

KK is an energetic storyteller, creative marketer and servant leader with a kaleidoscope of professional pathways in music, print publishing and television.  Currently, KK is a marketing executive at a major media company. Faith and family anchor KK’s ambitions, and she believes Luke 12:48 hold true, “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”  KK leverages her gifts, talents and abilities in support of advancing others, particularly in motivating her 9 year old son CMK.  

Passionate about education and inclusion, KK is a graduate of New York University with a MS, Integrated Marketing and she supports her undergrad alma-mater Wesleyan University with dual, alumni volunteer leadership roles.  As a Trustee on the Oliver Scholars board, preparing high-achieving African-American and Latino students for academic success is a priority.   Through her writing and in her relationships, KK continues to unpack and explore life transformations the only way she knows how – with unconditional love, raw honesty and a touch of humor.

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