What does play dough and the gift of Thought have in common?

I will get back to the question shortly, but my guess is you will begin to understand the commonality of play dough and the gift of Thought.

I invite you to a whole new way of thinking about suffering and entertaining the possibility of eliminating the majority of suffering by the time you get to the end of this blog.

It sounds crazy but just be opened to seeing something fresh and new, no pressure.

I have a different understanding of suffering now as I see the world through a new set of lenses of how our felt experience is created.  How reality works instead of how I used to think it worked.  All suffering is caused is by one thing, the innocent misuse of the gift of Thought.

The gift of Thought is rarely talked about.  It is gives you freedom to create unlimited potential, like play dough from which everything in the universe is created.  The gift of Thought is made of spiritual energy, you can’t see it and it comes with a neutrality.  It gives you the ability to think.

Every felt experience you imagine begins in Thought, a gift upon your arrival on planet earth.

Because the spiritual gift of Thought is rarely talked it looks like a good idea to try to change, control or monitor “good” or “bad” thoughts or try to think positive.

What’s needed to move away from suffering is understanding the gift of Thought and the freedom it provides for thinking to change on its’ own.

The best part, like play dough you can do anything you want with it, use it any way you want. You can use play dough the same to create beautiful flowers, scary dragons or monsters. The end of day, it’s still just play dough, a tool to use to create unlimited potential.

Because you tend not to notice how much you think, you may think you don’t think much but yes, you do. You are thinking 24/7 as your experience of life is brought to you by the gift of Thought. 

A fish isn’t aware it lives in water, it doesn’t notice.  Like you, you don’t notice you live in Thought.

It’s easy to innocently misuse the gift of Thought.  You think innocently again, it’s not me, it’s the flowers, it’s the dragon or the monsters.  It’s my past, my spouse, my job, the weather, the traffic.  When you believe your felt experience of life comes from anywhere else other than the gift of Thought, you suffer innocently because you think you have to change something to feel better, blame someone or something for how you feel or create a habit to relax.

You have created that experience through the gift of Thought and if you are not aware you are creating it, you use it against yourself. 

You unintentionally harm yourself with your own thinking, innocently misusing the gift of Thought. 

All suffering is the innocent misuse of Thought.  The more you become aware of it by not beating yourself up, you can start to notice whether you use the gift of Thought to create heaven or hell.

You can use the gift of Thought to create beautiful feelings or to create dark low mood experiences. You’ll start to see it for what it is, an option.  You don’t have control, but you have FREEDOM around it. You become less and less likely to use the gift of Thought against yourself, as it no longer looks like a good idea.

Built into your system from birth, is a fool proof use or misuse Thought detector. You know you’re using the gift of Thought against yourself because it feels horrible, anxious, scary and uncomfortable. 

It’s a habit of thinking, nothing more, just noticing when you feel that way, leave it alone and it will fade as feelings are only temporary.  Stay away from trying to figure out reasons why you feel the way you do.  You only look to something or someone to blame. This takes you further away from mental health and into suffering. 

You know you’re using the gift of Thought as an expression of your true essence when you are living from a good feeling, feeling happy, peaceful, curious, compassionate and loving.  

You can eliminate the vast majority of your suffering because without the innocent misuse of the gift of Thought there is no suffering.  If you are not thinking it, you are not feeling it.

Once you catch onto this suffering begins to go away by itself. 

There’s a reason you don’t misuse a hammer to bang on your head.  At some point you know it hurts and it’s a bad idea.

When you notice you are hammering yourself with the gift of Thought, you’ll stop doing it as much.

It will become an occasional occurrence and happens less often.

It’s in your awareness now, you’ll begin to see it more.  There’s nothing to do, there’s no pressure to put on yourself and there’s no strategy, simply becoming aware when you are in the habit of suffering thinking.

Ok, back to the question, what does play dough and the gift of Thought have in common?

I know you know the answer to the question.  If you can’t find the words that is ok, just notice if you are in a good feeling.

You are designed perfectly; you are fundamentally well, and you are built for reality.

Your divine inheritance is well-being you can create any experience in life you want!

With Gratitude,


The mind lady is what Lynn refers herself too.  Most of her life she’s wanted to help people understand how their mind works, which is does in her coaching business, Mission Possible You.  We become who we believe we are.  

The biggest innocent misunderstanding that keeps people stuck is not knowing where their experience of life comes from.  When people gain insight that we are always living in the feeling of our thinking, not a circumstance, their life transfers to living more from innate well-being and wisdom. They uncover the hidden gem within and live the life they were meant to live.

Lynn is a mom to two grown men, a Grammie, loves long heart-to heart conversations, a bit of a coffee snob and loves wine tasting especially red wine. She enjoys reading, walking, writing, teaching, biking and strength training. 

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