The next Full Moon will be high in the sky tomorrow night. As it makes its transition to a new phase in the cosmos, it’s got me thinking a lot about my own transformations. This moon, I don’t know, it just feels more “heavy” to me. I’ve always studied the moon and been mesmerized by its constant flux. I find peace and rebirth with each cycle. Today, I’m feeling a way I have not often felt….questionable. 

Yep, this moon has me thinking sooooo hard about this next phase that my brain is in overdrive. Worse, I can’t make it stop. I meditate. I take walks. I try to stop the noise and be present, but for whatever reason…this Full Moon wants no part in R&R. I can feel I’m entering into a phase of life that’s literally full of WORK.

It’s been a long year. There’s been so much time to reflect, reevaluate, and reset. Now that all the debris is cleared and new roads paved, I feel the only thing next to do is drive. From the looks of it, this drive is gonna be alllllllllll uphill in the beginning. Now, you would think I’d be scared of this upcoming workload. Nope. I’m ready. I’m equipped. I’ve been revving my engine and sitting idle making sure every single detail of my engine is in tip-top shape to do this. Oh, and this anxiety I feel, I welcome it. 

Anxiety is nothing new for me. I’ve always had it when I’m about to show the world something I’ve held close and nurtured into a reality. Moving to LA, first production day on a new show, kids starting the school year, a first date…so many moments when my heart was racing and I felt the angst would cripple my momentum before the event even started. Then, just as it always does, that anxiety switches to pure adrenal bliss the moment the cameras roll, the kids make it into that classroom, and that first kiss sends lightning bolts of pure joy to my heart. It’s always the same…just gotta get out there and do it. Do it with all you got and have faith that all that prep work paid off. 

I talk all the time about manifestation, power of attraction, and setting intentions. Well, that’s all a necessity for healing and regrouping, but the real excitement in life for me has always been pushing my engine to full speed. As covid restrictions lift here in LA, all I want is to see that green light and go. 

So, tomorrow night, as I sit under the full moon and gaze at that beautiful sky soaking in all its luminous good stuff, I’ll be thinking super hard about all the prepping and planning I’ve done to get ready for this next phase. It’s a mental checklist if you must. Did I cross my T’s and dot my I’s. Did I pick projects that I believe in? Have I healed from the bumps and crashes of my last few races? Do I have enough fuel to carry me through to the next lap? Do I have some mile markers set to help keep me motivated on this next leg of life? I’m thinking about it all. Then I’m going to sit silently and congratulate myself for all the hard work I’ve done thus far. 

I think I’m ready. I know I’m capable. But honestly, no one ever knows what’s ahead just beyond that first turn in the road. All I know for sure is that I welcome it. I’m ready to be wide open and agile as I hit the next set of twists and turns. I’ve learned to love myself so deeply that I know no matter the possible fails/delays/change of plans that may lurk in the shadows, I’ll never give up. 

That’s one trait we should all remind ourselves of after this past year.  No matter what havoc or turmoil or resistance we face, we will find a way to keep going. We will rebuild our goals, our families, our failed systems. It won’t be easy. It won’t always be fun. But it is what we have been prepping for our whole life. Being the change we hope to see…loving as we want to be loved…living in a way that is harmonious with our highest good for all…it hasn’t been for nothing. Maybe this upcoming race is yours for the taking? Maybe not, but it’s really up to you if your “losses” are your reality or just a stepping stone for a bigger race yet to come. 

And when you start to lose sight of your endgame, remember that everything comes in cycles. Use your time wisely. Think hard about everything that went wrong and why, but then use that to think just as hard on how to nourish yourself better, become mentally stronger, and more in tune with your truest intentions. Then look at the moon and remember that no matter what, this is just a cycle. You will get as many chances to try your biggest dreams again if you just don’t give up.  Don’t be afraid to push your engine to the limit when the light turns green. You are the only one in your lane and engines are built to be run at full capacity to function at their best. So I hear. Good luck out there, Daily Feelers. 🤘🏼

JB Boutelle has worked in “The Biz” for almost a decade, yet she’s somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Her altruistic spirit aims to evoke your Inner Phoenix and encourage readers to take the difficult leaps in life, so you can continue to grow.

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