Imagination according to Webster’s Dictionary is an act or power of forming a mental image. This picture, above, creates a different image! Is the tree trunk really missing? Is this elephant really overburdened? Well, here is an explanation by one grandma while out on a day’s outing with her grandson. This is how this day trip, for grandma and grandson, changed their lives forever. Read on and see if you’ve had a similar experience.  

“But it has a trunk, grandma, can’t you see it”? She said, yes, laughingly. And thought she was going to teach her young one the art of perception! More often than not, it’s the very young who teach us, the older generation, understanding, and wisdom. Have you ever had moments like this? 

And the questions kept coming! “Grandma, where are the tree’s roots”? “What kind of tree is it”?  Have you had days where you’ve been bombarded with questions and the answers were not forthcoming?  Maybe at work. With the boss or home with mom and dad and you just can’t explain how “a certain” favorite lamp of theirs ended up in pieces!  Or, how did the car get that dent? Some life incidents run short on understanding and some no wisdom at all!

“Grown-ups never understand anything, for themselves, and it’s tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them” The Little Prince

Grandma’s thoughts took flight in her mind! She’s wondering how will she explain this mystery of the elephant carrying a tree and is a bridge which people can walk and wonder under!  This is where kids of all ages want to use their imagination and work out their own ideas of exciting wonder. Or are you aware young children have their own way of how to figure out the answers to puzzling questions! It gives them a good feeling!

This elephant (tree trunk) mesmerized and tickled his brain. The only real elephant he’d seen was at the circus and he had fed him peanuts! That was exciting, as he recalled but this was intriguing! 

After their eventful walk through nature, they had lunch, in a zoo-like atmosphere and later visited the gift shop.  He spotted the elephant book that was the replica of his walk, (under the elephant), and he had to have it. Of course, his grandma could not refuse! Little did she know that this adventure was going to have long-lasting dreams and ideas for her grandson! All good!

He learned that a tree without a trunk is like a life without a dream! As he grew older, the idea of a botanist interested him and he also gave thought to become a veterinarian. One never knows how an adventurous day with grandma can become a beacon of an idea for a child’s future. And give grandmothers new life! 

We just never know how instrumental we grandfolks can be when we take our grandkids out for a day or a mini-vacation! 

This idea of creating an animal from a gigantic tree, not only boggles the imagination but whets the appetites of children of all ages! Imagine, the creation of a tree becoming a fantasy and an underpass.   

This elephant picture I used to grasp an idea. I also found that such abstractions create great conversations.  This grandma learned that a tree without a trunk is like a child without a question. She was so very pleased with their outing! She could not wait for their next day trip.

Even if you are not a grandparent, it’s time to do something wonderful for yourself and someone close to you. When the world reopens for us to go out again, without one single worry, wouldn’t it be nice to plan such a trip as the one above? I think it’ll be a gift of a lifetime! 

Think of all we’ve been through and endured since February 2020! What we thought was important, before our world experienced this deadly killer, now seems ridiculous! Our loss of people from an unknown virus was the beginning. As time passed, the problems grew. Many people became creative and everyone fought to maintain their dignity of life. Sadly, some did not make it through! 

The point of this story is to live your life every day. We will get through but there will be many scars. Never pass up a time to offer your help, go out to lunch with friends, call an old friend. And above all to just go outdoors; rain or shine and breathe the air and give thanks! Notice everything you do, everyone you see and, please, be thankful! Don’t be a complainer. If you were shut-in during the pandemic, remember those days and the people who showed you attention in one way or another; even with a prayer!

At my age, I thought I had seen it all. What a surprise!! It was like a huge snowball had formed at the top of the highest mountain in the world and just began rolling; slow at first, then with rapid speed! We were all engulfed in this massive storm. What hurts most, are the ‘people’ who took advantage of many of us! “Do as I say!” They said! But, you are not allowed to do as I do! Since it is NOT wise to spread gloom, I suggest keeping yourselves in a positive frame of mind.  No, it’s not easy and just think how you’ll feel knowing you were one of the great minds who fought so hard to keep your head above the water! Fight with all your might and one day soon, we’ll be free!  When we’re on the side of doing what’s right, no one can take that feeling from us!

Maybe you and all the dear readers of The Daily Feels are the ‘elephants image’ who brought change to life. We’ve learned to reshape and design new ways for everyday living! We are the people who brought brightness to a new day! We are strong in mind, body, and spirit! We are The Elephant; we are the Tree!  Is there ‘imagination’ in your foundation of thinking?

Nancy Fraioli is a retired Benefits Asst. from Town/Village of Harrison, NY. She’s alive and well, residing in Sarasota with her daughter and family and enjoying the Floridian lifestyle daily.

Her passions are writing, reading books of philosophy, children’s stories and poetry. Her deep love is living, learning and sharing how faith, meditation, and music guide her daily life. And she loves to lunch with the ladies!

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