It’s Lent once more! My guess is that ‘confession’ is a very Catholic thing. Do I believe in it?

Absolutely! Now, after mentioning that, I can proceed with my wild thoughts which have entered my mind. As of late, I’ve been thinking about Television, Facebook and all the other ways we communicate with one another these days.  Thank God we have these electronic devices and the mighty cell phone! With a world Pandemic, we’d be dead in the water without these means of communicating. While there is much good there is the other component; bad!

While Catholics have the use of a “Faith box” as their confessional, much of the world uses Facebook as their confessional. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s true! Haven’t you read messages that make you cringe or give you an ill feeling? Some electronic users, I feel, misuse our mass media. When we release our deepest concerns and hurts is one thing but when stabbing

‘Words’ are communicated, via Facebook, and other mediums, with the intention to harm, I lose my perspective.

Words are meant to build not to destroy. Facebook, while unique, is not a Faithbox! Please use your words, on Facebook, and the like, responsibly. You never know whose heart you’ll be touching. For my purpose for blog, I’ll concentrate on FB!

  “Raise your words, not your voices. It is the rain that grows the flowers, not thunder.”  -Rumi

The Faith box, also known as the Confessional, is a place where a body can release all hurts in confidence without repercussion. Facebook is a place where a typed word, without thought, can destroy a soul!

My guess, this is why many people opt out of Facebook and I’m sure many are requested to leave. 

 “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore”  -Rumi

As a constant user of Facebook, I can say that I do enjoy this privilege. It keeps me close to my friends and relatives in New York, Ohio, Italy and other distant places! Instantly! It is a form of entertainment and good information. And all those marvelous food ideas! Wow! One can gain weight just by viewing the colorful pics. Facebook is entertaining and some of the messaging very useful. I can respond or ignore words that hurt. Such a waste of good time to ‘jab’ with hurtful words.

  1. Facebook is entertaining and keeps us close to our loved ones. I can choose to return a greeting and completely ignore words that hurt. The world is listening and watching!
  2. The Faith box is a place used for the purpose to “unload” what’s bothering a tired soul! Three beings are involved! The Speaker, The listener and GOD, The Supreme Being!

Facebook is a good thing. The Faithbox is a God thing! Make good use of your “words!” Not just during Lent but always. Be a great ‘word’ builder for self, for others and for God.

Even if you are not a believer, of the above, bad thoughts and ill spoken words, are out of place! Be mindful and be kind!! See you in church. I stream electronically. My last confession was December, outdoors under the palms; The Priest, me and GOD!  HAPPY LENT!

(Just a reminder; because of lockdown me with a mask!) Remember we can’t hide our transgressions from God!

I want to leave you with a unique short story which I discovered on of all places; Facebook!

Boudreaux, the Cajun Baptist, was from central Louisiana. He lived alone and cooked all his meals on his outdoor grill. Mostly, deer steaks. He had recently moved to this neighborhood and had not made any friends. This one particular Friday, early Lent, while grilling his usual steak, he was unaware that he was being watched by his neighbors. His cooking was a source of their discontent. They complained to their priest that he, Boudreaux, was grilling meat on a Friday during Lent. The priest said he’d have a talk with Boudreaux. He did and convinced the Friday meat sinner to change his ways. He did; to the point of conversion! He would become a catholic! After much preparation, Cajun the Baptist was ready. The priest sprinkled holy water over Boudreau and spoke these words; “you were born a Baptist, raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic.” Everyone was pleased; no more Friday nite venison aromas! The next Friday, still Lent, a familiar smell was permeating the air. Yep, there he was grilling meat! As the neighbors watched, in disbelief, they heard Boudreau, the new Catholic, give a blessing while he sprinkled water from a small bottle and say, “You wuz born a deer, you wuz raised a deer, but now you are a catfish!  Amen!”  (Submitted by Zack Lissard of New Iberia.) Thanks Zack. My takeaway is “a few good words will heal us all!”

If you live by the principle of “giving up” something for Lent; make it worthwhile. For example, “I give up unhealthy thoughts and words for ideal thoughts and healing words.”  

Or, perhaps, just a quiet talk with Himself! No mask, no cell phone or other electronic device! Only you and The Supreme Being and the Universe! Happy Lent!

Nancy Fraioli is a retired Benefits Asst. from Town/Village of Harrison, NY. She’s alive and well, residing in Sarasota with her daughter and family and enjoying the Floridian lifestyle daily.

Her passions are writing, reading books of philosophy, children’s stories and poetry. Her deep love is living, learning and sharing how faith, meditation, and music guide her daily life. And she loves to lunch with the ladies!

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