Hey Feelers!  How’s everyone doing?  I took a break for the month of February to make way for the AMAZING guest bloggers we had, but I’m back, and here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

Around a year ago, I ordered a pair of jeans online.  I was bored, since we were in the beginning of lockdowns, etc.- but also, the jeans that I had been wearing were a little snug, and I needed to go up a size (not something that any of us are comfortable with admitting).  I’m a jeans and t-shirt person, so comfortable jeans are key, because I wear them every day.  They arrived, fit perfectly, and I wore them regularly, along with another pair that I got online along the way.  I was happy and comfortable- until I wasn’t. 

All of you who’ve been keeping up with my posts know my journey with cancer and its aftermath.  I had gained weight from having surgeries, treatments, trying different medications, and just being plain old depressed about it all.  When I had my annual exam last May, I saw my weight and was like, “Jen, you need to do something.”  It wasn’t all about the weight I gained, but everything that went along with it.  I was carrying everything that I’d been through and wow, it was HEAVY.  Also, I was up to my eyeballs with frustration about my rising liver enzyme levels and knew that I had some power over making those numbers go down.  So, at the end of May, I started researching foods that are good for liver health, and started eating differently and doing some exercise (some exercise, lol…). Fast forward five months and I had lost 28 pounds, and I went down two sizes.  Here’s where the jeans come back…

I was thrilled to be able to wear jeans that are two sizes smaller than the ones I had ordered last Spring- but even though I bought a few new pairs in my new size, I still wore those bigger jeans.  Most people would give away their clothes that no longer fit, but these jeans were comfortable.  I was accustomed to wearing them, and plus, I could wear them without having to unbutton or zip them to get them on and off.  I grew attached to them and still wore them, even though they were no longer a good fit.  Do you get where I’m going with this?

How many instances are there in life, when we just keep going along with a situation because it’s comfortable, even though we may have outgrown the situation, or it no longer serves us in a life-giving way?  There are so many times in my own life so far, where I’ve just continued doing something, or dealing with someone, just because it was easier than moving out of my comfort zone to do the work so I could feel better-whether about myself, or a certain situation, or whatever. 

When I finally forced myself to only wear jeans in my size now, it felt so good.  They fit who I am now, and they are, in fact, more comfortable than the bigger ones, because they are the right fit.

There are so many times when life gets uncomfortable, and we decide whether to settle in to what we think is a right fit for us, or try to force ourselves to fit into something that is no longer for our highest good.  We all deserve to find our “perfect fit” and may we always have the courage to do so.

Love to each of you.

Jennifer Angarano Ricci is a wife, mother & creative soul-searcher.  She is a musician, artist, and baker, and runs her home business Baked By Jen, in addition to running her local community theater group.  She loves to sing, create and help others and tries to connect all three passions whenever possible.

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