Right now, I should be scurrying through a crowded airport bustling with holiday travelers. Weighing my over-sized luggage packed with presents. Giving the airline worker (who looks a little like Santa) a wink when he lets me slide by a couple pounds over the limit and doesn’t charge me. Guzzling my pre-flight Jack and Coke at the airport bar so I don’t miss my flight. Texting my niece to make sure she’s ready for my pick-up on the other side. 

Instead, I’m doing none of those things. Because Christmas is canceled. At least the version I’ve known my entire life. 

We had a flight booked to Detroit (call us dreamers) that left today. But with everything going on right now, we decided it wasn’t very smart to travel. I definitely cried when I hung up the phone after canceling the trip last week. I cried hard. I’ve never NOT been with my family at Christmas. I suppose I also cried for all the things we haven’t been able to do this year. 

But! I’m pulling up my big girl pants and letting it all go.

The upside: if I ever was going to miss a Christmas in Detroit, this is the year to do it. No one’s Christmas will be exactly as it’s been before, that’s for sure. My family holiday gathering of 40+ people certainly isn’t happening this year. (Remember large gatherings? Sigh.)

Plus, since Jason and I met six years ago, he has always come with me at Christmas. This year, we get to spend some time (socially-distanced) with his family here in California. This is an important year to be together.

Oh, I’ve never spent a Christmas with my dog either! A friend has always watched her while I was gone. Rayla, Jason, and I can spend the holiday together, with her ignoring us from afar until mealtime. 😉

(Rayla in her new bed – Dec 2020)

Since I’ve never experienced a Christmas where I didn’t travel – I get to see what that’s like, right? We’re so busy during our trip, I usually need a vacation from my Christmas vacation. Maybe this year I’ll actually get the rest I desperately crave. I’ve promised myself that I will take some much-needed time off during these last two weeks of the year. We all could use a bit of a respite, reboot, and overall self-care. 

Like many of you, this has been a year of reflection. These last few weeks have brought that on even more. I’m filled with the spirit of following my dreams and pursuing new opportunities to get me there. 

I’ve decided to open up my schedule a bit to let more things in. Although I do plan on contributing here, this will be my last monthly blog with you Feelers.

My life is so different from when I started at the Daily Feels back in May 2018. I no longer live by circumstance. I no longer fear leaping without a net. I understand the Universe has my back and that things happen for me, not to me. 

I worked out all of those things right here on the Daily Feels. I thank you, dear reader, for allowing me a canvas to paint those words on. And much love to the Feels’ founder, Janis. 

One of my dreams has been to start this new podcast I cohost with Jason:

 CUZ I HAVE TO…when following your dreams is the only option. 

Episode #009 just posted today! On the pod, we interview people living their life’s dharma/living out their dreams. It fills me with joy to experience someone’s journey – from how they discovered why they are here to how they have gone about making their dreams a reality. I hope to help others find their way, as well. 

It’s all perfect timing (as it always is). A friend reminded me that yesterday (12/21/20) was the shortest and darkest day of the year, bringing about the rebirth of the sun. It also was the night of the Great Conjunction – a rare alignment between planets Jupiter and Saturn. It signifies a completely new beginning and a powerful time to make incredible progress towards positive changes and activating dreams. 

So, my dear Daily Feeler, wait no more. Go make those positive changes. Activate those dreams. 

You are magical. The world needs you. 

Until next time.



Julie Slater, aka THE LOTUS FLOWER, is the Feels’ mindfulness guru. You may recognize her voice – she’s a voiceover artist, audiobook narrator, and host of the CUZ I HAVE TO podcast.

Our lil’ lotus is a music freak and has DJ’d on top stations: 88.5 FM and 100.3 the Sound in LA, and 92.3 K-Rock in NYC following Howard Stern.

Julie loves time with her boyfriend Jason and dog Rayla. You’ll often find her meditating, doing yoga, candle making, going to concerts, and cooking. She has a slight obsession with deep, dark cabernets & small-batch whiskey.


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