So here we are at the end of 2020. The year that kept on giving. Let’s hope 2021 doesn’t try and top it.

We did our annual tree cutting the day after Thanksgiving. It was amazing as always. It is a tradition I hope my kids follow through with when they have children some day.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Amazon and Target. Amazon makes my holiday shopping much easier and I was almost done on Prime Day. Target is just the best and I’ll never bad mouth them. They have the best stuff for kids.

The holiday season in my house can be very tricky. I have two young boys. My oldest, Cameron, likes to compare everything with Brady. So I have to make sure that they both get the same amount of gifts to open for Christmas.

The first challenge is finding gifts for them that they’ll actually use for more than 2 fucking minutes. This is always fun. Because I can buy them something that I think they’ll love, and it is costly but they will only want to play with the god damn box.

Next, I have to make sure that I get them gifts the other won’t scream “why didn’t I get that???” This is always a challenge for Brady because obviously there are gifts that are not suitable for his age.

This year, for example, I got them both remote control inflatable fish. One is a shark and one is a Clownfish. Cameron will get the shark. I can already picture Brady mad about that. These were not expensive gifts and I do not expect them to survive till New Years’.  And when the first one pops…. that’s when the real fighting begins.

I know it’s a lot of joking and complaining on my part. But it really is a great morning (5-7) to watch the kids open so many gifts. The smile on their faces is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a dad in the first place.

Cameron always asks: where are daddy’s presents? My wife usually says “daddy was on Santa’s naughty list”. I usually say daddy has everything he needs in life right here.

Native New Yorker, now living in Connecticut. Husband, and father of two amazing boys. Kidney transplant recipient, and a big supporter of organ donation #donatelife. Mortgage banker, but not by choice. In my free time, I enjoy golf, reading (especially presidential biographies), and finding that hole in the wall restaurant that has great food.

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