There’s just one page left on the calendar

One more month gone

Another day, another year

Quarantine leaves me with the specter of you

Late at night, I still think of you

In those quiet moments

When I used to reach for the phone

Yearning to touch you, see you

We never said forever

Because forever was too far away

When everyday could be your last

It’s hard to plan for the future

I pick up a pen to write you

But I know you’re not there to read it

Maybe you never were

Maybe this is all just a fever dream

A dream we can’t wake up from

I try to say goodbye to the pain

So long to the feelings of regret

But I know it’s just biding its time

They’ll be back again

When the clock strikes twelve

There won’t be anything left to return to

Like embers rising from the fire

I’ll fly again

Once I learn how to use my wings

Padraic Maroney hails from upstate New York, suffering from middle child syndrome.  His writing career began after moving to the Philadelphia suburbs while in high school. He wrote for The Bucks County Courier Times’ Reality section, written by local teenagers, and has the distinction of writing a weekly gossip column for a college newspaper at a school he didn’t even attend! His love of pop culture led him to intern at Teen People, where he met Janis Gaudelli, and realized he could turn being a millennial into a career. Since then he’s alternated between writing and marketing, but always focused on Millennials and everything they bring to the table. Padraic is a lover of shenanigans, 80s music, and the movie “Scream.”

You can follow his additional adventures on Instagram: @padraicjacob

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