If you are single, an outdoor enthusiast, and you wish to find a partner during quarantine, join a site like datingranking.net , an outdoor dating site, or an outdoor dating app like LuvByrd and wait for your match. Once you get one, your next challenge will be to organize a date. 

But dating a girl who likes outdoor activities during quarantine can be challenging. You don’t want to find yourself in a relationship rut, but what can you do? How can you ensure that you will keep her just as interested in your relationship until the lockdown is lifted? 

If you are creative, exciting dating options during quarantine can be endless. You just have to find ways to use your home or your surroundings to your advantage. Otherwise, you can opt to join an outdoor dating site and take advantage of the options it offers. One good dating site for outdoor lovers is Outdoor Duo. 

Nevertheless, if none of these options works best for you, here are five outdoor dating ideas that should get you started.

Outdoor Dating In Your Backyard

Dating for outdoor enthusiasts is usually coupled with lots of adventure. But just because you are in quarantine, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have the same amount of fun when on a date with your second half. 

All you need to do is take advantage of your backyard. Do you love picnics? Surprise your date with one. Pack your lunch in a picnic basket, place a mat or a rug on your backyard lawn, pick some flowers from the garden, and invite your date outside for a romantic home picnic.

Or, plan a complete date like you would on a typical outdoor dating day. Book the evening to spend with your date, then take her out in the backyard for dinner – a plan by setting a romantic dinner table in your backyard. 

Don’t forget to include candles and a bottle of wine. Then order your partner’s favorite meal from her favorite restaurant. Make conversation over dinner as you would. When you are done, take a blanket and spread it on the grass, lie down, and watch the stars. 

Another excellent option for your outdoor dating is to watch a movie on the patio or your backyard while you drink wine and watch the stars. These moves are bound to score you some points in the love bank. 

Cook Together

Quarantine presents an excellent opportunity to enhance or learn new skills. And what’s better than learning how to cook a fresh meal. It’s more fun when you do it with your partner. So for your outdoor dating options, take a cooking class, and learn a new recipe.

There are ways to make the experience much more exciting if you must. Are you and your partner competitive? Then plan a cook-off. Ensure that none of you is familiar with the recipe, set a timer, and turn your house into your version of hell’s kitchen.

Another excellent outdoor dating experience would be to plan an entire full course meal together. Take your grill and your cooking pots outside and cook in the sun or on the patio. Enjoy the day and the fresh air as you cook your hearts out. 

Play Games

Long-distance relationships are not easy. But thanks to technology today, online dating has made it far more bearable. If you find yourself in quarantine and miles away from the love of your life, take advantage of online dating opportunities.

Online games are incredibly fun ways to connect in a long-distance relationship. Ensure that you are playing a game that you both will enjoy. Online dating for outdoor people can be fun as well. Ever planned a scavenger hunt? This is your opportunity. 

Finding the Easter eggs outside your home is an outdoor dating experience that is sure to bring you and your partner closer. Many great online gaming options will give you a virtual outdoor dating experience as well. 

Make Your Club 

Perhaps you and your significant other like to club. So why not build one at home. Do you know how to make cocktails? Go online and learn some tricks. Buy all the ingredients you need and turn your patio into a bar for the night.

Then use your phone or your music system to play your favorite mixtape or playlist and dance the night away with your second half. Take some money from your purse and create your private strip club experience if you want to steam things up.

Don’t forget to use your karaoke machine if you have one. Sing along to your best songs and have some fun together. You can also make the club your own by adding little skits or poem recitals. Anything to make the one you love feels special. 

Go Outside If You Can

Active outdoor dating is possible during the quarantine. All you have to do is look at the quarantine measures put in place, then plan your outdoor dating experience around those measures. Are you allowed to ride a bike around your home town?

Are you allowed to go on a hike or visit the museum? Once you determine what you can do, don’t hesitate to plan your outdoor dating. But remember to take precautionary measures like wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.


Outdoor dating is versatile. Therefore, do not limit your options to visiting different states or countries. You can have just as much fun at home. Remember to dress up for these dates just as much as you would on your regular dates. Don’t show up in your pajamas and baggy t-shirts. 

We hope these ideas inspired your outdoor dating ideas. If you have any other outdoor dating options in mind, respond in kind, and share them with us. 

Robert Andrew Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with many couples from all over the UK and wants to share his experience with you. Robert’s hobbies are reading new psychology books and traveling around the world. He has visited more than 15 countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, etc. One of Robert’s biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest and take a photo.

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