Hi!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope it was a good one, even if it was different. 

You know every time I sat to write a blog for the last few months, I kept saying this is the one that I don’t talk about the pandemic.  Unfortunately, though, as I keep hearing more and more of a possible shutdown, here I am.  I know anxiety levels are increasing.  I spent last week watching the news (something I haven’t done much of since April), obsessed talking about the shutdown (to anyone who listens), and waking up every day worried if this was the day. 

And guess what? I was stressed all last week because I was so worried about the possibility of another lockdown.  Not to say it’s not going to happen.  But was my worrying going to change anything? Not at all.  Are we still open this week? Yes. 

Do I spend this new week worrying and losing sleep again?  Am I going to do that all the way up to the lockdown? Even though I don’t know if and when it’s going to happen and not enjoy every day I get to wake up and live my life?

I started to think that in the meantime, why not think about how to work with whatever’s coming.  What can I do to prepare for another lockdown? Weeks and weeks at home.

I know for me, even though they talked about it back in March, I was definitely not prepared for it.   Not mentally, physically, financially, emotionally.  Now I have time to prepare.  I have time to make sure I make the most of this moment of stillness that is approaching.  So, I’ve been thinking.  How am I going to prepare?  How am I going to make use of this quiet time?  How am I going to come out of a possible second lockdown even better than the first?

I sat and wrote and I have come up with an action plan for my mental, physical and creative spaces.  And whatever I get to, I get to.  And if I don’t get to it all, that’s okay too because quite frankly, this pandemic has beat us up enough. Why would I beat myself up as well?

Anyway, here goes:

  1. During the first lockdown I did a lot of decluttering but somehow still have so much stuff.  Especially my bathroom.  I have a couple of subscription boxes and they bring full size products that I just never get through before the next one arrives.  I have hair products, face masks, facial cleansers, body treatments, you name it.  My biggest goal is to go through ALL of it before this is over.  I’ll be setting up daily self-love time to give myself a facial or manicure or whatever it is that will make me feel good.  My hope is to clear out everything I have and start fresh when it’s time.
  2. Next is to spend more time on my personal blog and branding myself.  At one point I was building my following and people anticipated it, but I fell off the wagon.  Now is the time to go back to it.  And not just to write about this pandemic!  I am going to write some fun stuff too, relationships, and maybe some DIY stuff.  We’ll see!
  3. Speaking of DIY, there have been some home projects I have been toying with too. Touching up some previously chalked painted furniture, reorganizing my storage closet, but the biggest is repurposing my kitchen cabinets.  I found this amazing kit online that brings everything you need.  It’s a long and tedious process especially since I have to remove the doors (UGH), but I mean where am I going during a lockdown?
  4. I will definitely get back to some meditation and yoga.  (I already started).  I was doing a lot of that the first time around and once they released us to the summer wild, I just haven’t gotten back to it.  I definitely believe it helped ground me during the initial months of anxiety and fear.  I can’t see a better way of doing something for my mental health during difficult times.
  5. And, last but certainly not least, start my podcast.  I have been talking about this forever.  Had I started when I first had the idea, I’d have well over 100 recordings.  I have the basic equipment and all, but like all new ventures, fear rears its ugly head all the time.  And I just haven’t, but I can’t think of a better way to stay connected.  So, this excites me the most.

My hope and prayer is that we don’t get shut down again, but I mean the reality is by the looks of the numbers, I think instead of being in denial, why not prepare myself instead so that I don’t feel like the rug has been whipped from under my feet.  Again.

My second hope and prayer is that if we do get shut down, our government does it in such a way that it’s worth the mental and financial distress that so many are sure to suffer.  We are living in some different times.  Who would have thought back in March that we would be tormented about whether or not we should gather for Thanksgiving in November?  But here we are.

Now what is it you are going to do to make the most of this time coming up?  So that you come out even better than the first time around.

Happy Thanksgiving my loves.   Wear your mask.  Stay home if possible and above all else stay healthy!

I am a 50-year old Latina divorcee who has been on a spiritual journey for, yikes, a really long time. Though I am not where I want to be, each day I do get closer to who I am meant to me.

I co-raised two young ladies and am a grandmother of two spunky, smart and funny kids – Max and Esme.

Education has been my niche for the last 20 years and I don’t know why. I wish someone had given me a career survey in high school or college to realize that #1- I am NOT a morning person and #2- I don’t really like kids, not even my own. So, I am searching for my passion. Not sure what that is yet. But there are a few things I am exploring, writing being one of them (that’s why I am here).

I have issues with commitment, not so much relationships but committing to my goals, putting in the work and seeing things through. But I did commit to making my 50’s the best decade ever. So far so good. I love yoga, traveling and writing; but mostly wine. Yes! I love wine.

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