Hello, Santa. Long time no see. It’s been a minute. Nice beard, by the way.

I know it’s the end of November, sir, and you’re real busy…but we need you. 

It’s night-time in Los Angeles and I’m sitting here in my dining room that’s glistening from my year-round white holiday string of lights. I’m committed, Santa. I would already have a tree up, but my local store wasn’t selling them yet last week. I swear. 

I’m cozied up sipping a deep delicious cabernet. I know you prefer hot cocoa or warm milk, Santa, but this is 2020, amirite? 

I’ve got a dark indie Christmas playlist slowly creeping out of my speaker like a plume of smoke, slowly dancing across the room into my ears. A Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of Merle Haggard’s “If We Can Make It Through December” is playing and it’s really hitting me. My eyes are welling up.

We need to make it through December, Santa. We need you big time. 

I’m not sure how things have been by you, buddy, or how much the misses fills you in on the rest of the world, but over here – it’s been a year. Not just for me, but literally for every single person around the world. 

You can put your lists away, Santa. You won’t have to check off who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Cuz this year, I think everyone deserves an “A” for effort, simply for making it through. 

Most of us have stayed home. Worn masks. Sacrificed in the name of good for all, to keep people healthy and safe. 

But, Santa, we could really use a break. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Yet it’s going to feel like how every single day has felt, on repeat, since March. We’re being asked not to gather in groups. Not to see family. Not to snuggle up with friends. 

We’ve got four walls, 400 shows on Netflix, and four pounds of flour to make our fourth loaf of bread this month. (Any chance you want a slice of bread instead of cookies this year, Santa? Cuz I got you covered.)

I’m not even sure I’m going to have turkey this year on Thanksgiving, Santa. I think for the first time ever. I’m working late and won’t be popping over to anyone’s place after to grab a special plate set aside just for me. You know how I love food. This is serious!

When I look ahead to Christmas, dear sir, I can’t even.  

So, what do I want from you, Santa? I hope everyone else doesn’t mind, but I’m going to speak for the group (aka the entire world).

This year we don’t need a shiny new bike, a Barbie Townhouse, or a Fisher-Price camper like years before.

This year’s different, Santa. Instead, we’re gonna need heaping spoonfuls of hope. 

Help us catch every single dazzling full moon to light our way, sir. 

Don’t let us miss one beautiful sunset that fills the sky with pink and orange hues and takes our breath away. 

Please give us brisk sweater weather, Santa, with the warm sun hitting our faces – just right, to comfort our souls.

Please, Santa, please…keep the calls coming with friends and family – where we laugh so hard our belly hurts. And see the faces we cannot touch.

Keep the music-maker elves working overtime, dear Santa, on songs that pierce our hearts deep down to the core. 

Please, Santa, send healing to those who are sick, waves of calm and positive vibes to all who are struggling. Tasty food to those who are hungry. And please, drop loads of peace of mind in all of our stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Here’s to a world, Santa, where we can travel again. A world where we can breathe freely. And here’s to a world where we can truly feel each other again. In person.

If we make it through December, Santa, we’ll be fine.

Julie Slater, aka THE LOTUS FLOWER, is the Feels’ mindfulness guru. You may recognize her voice – she’s a voiceover artist, audiobook narrator, and podcast host (www.julieslater.com). 

Our lil’ lotus is a music freak and has DJ’d on top stations: 88.5 FM and 100.3 the Sound in LA, and 92.3 K-Rock in NYC following Howard Stern.

Julie loves time with her boyfriend Jason and dog Rayla. You’ll often find her meditating, doing yoga, candle making, going to concerts, and cooking. She has a slight obsession with deep, dark cabernets & small-batch whiskey.


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