**WARNING:  Words in this blog content maybe different but it contains no artificial colors flavors or preservatives! I invite you to read, at your own discretion, and only if you are in the mood for a bit of gayety! 

Even dogs have “wisdom!” This morning’s question to me was, “Where has the world’s Wisdom gone to? Maybe to hell because I sure can’t find too much wisdom floating the air waves, or in the people! What do you think? Well hooray and hallelujah for me! I have two such friends.  Our family pets, Henry and Simon! They are not blue in color or mood!  This morning while putting recyclables (bottles, cans and flattened cardboard objects) into their designated bin; (ours is bold blue and must keep its distance from regular garbage container); at least three feet away!), I found my reason to create this blog! All because Henry and Simon love their dog biscuits with a hard-boiled egg as their treat! Is this a stretch too far? Listen world, desperate measures call for wild ideas! And, this old gal with complicated wisdom is running short! So, bear with me!

Henry and Simon are our sweet family pets and they do have very distinctive tastes! They can’t wait for their treats each day. Their treats come in the form of a cookie from a box! Also, accompanied by a hard-boiled egg, one for each. Henry, on the left; Simon, on right!

Henry (L) / Simon (R)

I am borrowing my idea from a Blue Dog Bakery* box! While I’m writing from my heart, therefore, the words are my own. I want to thank this well known Dog Biscuit Baker for their ingenious product! Henry and Simon thank you, too! For me, it’s the Italian Biscotti or Taralle! No time limit given for consumption! In fact my mother had to hide those homemade delights. One cookie was the reason for the second and so forth! Therefore, I trust Henry and Simons’s distinguished taste. They relish a good thing.  

So what really grabbed my attention from the flattened box was the due date! BEST BEFORE 03-18-2022 09:57! Right down to the minute and second! How does one know the very day, hour and minute a biscuit loses its taste? Remarkable! My question to me: how will I know when my date, hour, moment and second of losing ‘taste for life’ will be? Kind of scary!  

The other things I agree with on the box are the ranges of colors; deep chocolate to a very light tan. The flavors from meat, cheese and peanut butter! Wonderful worlds of flavor fit for more than the animal world. I do strongly love the word NO on the box! I’m sure you know what NO means on a label! No killing of animals or using bogus tastes or fake dyes. 

We know that our real dogs, our pets, do not come in the color blue. To attract attention, in the marketing world, we must be creative to sell a product. My question is what kind of advertisement must we humans create to be attractive to the world? After all, we come in various colors, sizes, flavors and different tastes! But what kind of ideas are we selling? 

Our ‘dog pets’ have four paws for walking while we humans walk on two feet and reach out to the world with extended arms and two hands. Our pets have more than one purpose in our lives. They soothe and help us. Think of the seeing-eye dog! Dogs go to battle to protect us in the minefields. They own the deserved title, “humans best friend!”

Henry and Simon are my heroes today. Their love for The Blue Dog Bakery Biscuit* is unbelievable. So, thanks from Henry and Simon for their special treat! I thank you because your creative advertising led me down a road filled with emotion and some words with sound sanity. 

We’re all experiencing turmoil this 2020! Many, many shutdowns; schools, churches, shops, places of business and so much more that we can’t even get our heads around the heartache at this time. Many of us, who do have pets, consider ourselves lucky. They remain faithful, no matter how grey the day.  And many have saved the day!  

During and after blog writing, I turn to music that relates to my words. This is no exception. I revisited, “We Are The World!”   Performed by a group of famous artists! Some, still with us and many departed! But, the point is, they believed with all their hearts that the song they sang to our World was a profound message for all time. 

“There comes a time, when we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one………!

We’re all apart of God’s great big family and the truth,

You know, love is all we need.

“And God has shown us by turning stones to bread

And so we must all lend a helping hand.”  Written by: Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie

When will that be? When will the world come together? Dogs, our pets come together anytime; all the time! Especially, to feel the touch of your human hand!

In this world of 2020, who has the best wisdom? At this moment, my bet is on our family pets. They’re ingenious! They’re forgiving! They’re loving! And if they have any digging to do;  it’s just for an old bone to gnaw on!   

“Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense” – Robert Frost               

Nancy Fraioli is a retired Benefits Asst. from Town/Village of Harrison, NY. She’s alive and well, residing in Sarasota with her daughter and family and enjoying the Floridian lifestyle daily.

Her passions are writing, reading books of philosophy, children’s stories and poetry. Her deep love is living, learning and sharing how faith, meditation, and music guide her daily life. And she loves to lunch with the ladies!

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