Well, it’s August 2020. We are still in quarantine, back in school, and I have a few stashes of “the good stuff” just in case things get even crazier. 

What do I want to talk about today? Man, I think I’m really just talked out. I don’t have a huge witty story to tell at this exact moment. I don’t have a ton of exciting news to blog about. Honestly, after all the insane curveballs I’ve experienced lately…I think I’d be completely happy just sitting back and listening for the rest of the year. It’s been a truly eye-opening phenomenon. One I must say is new to me. I listen. But I usually also respond. And there, there lies the little bitty step that gets me in over my head. 

Seriously! I’m not the only extrovert that’s decided 2020 is the year to turn in and shut it all off for a minute. I know. What a terrible time for me to want to turn in and shhhhhhhhhhh. I know. I know. Election is coming…blah blah blah. School is starting…blah blah blah. And well, my family life is….blah blah blah. It’s just too much. I know the song says “Let’s Stay Together. Good or bad. Happy or Sad”. I think we just need to  “KEEP it together”. Whatever that looks like for you to keep you mentally chill, do that. I laugh so much these days. Just as I set a goal to stop living life like I’m in survival mode, the whole damn world goes into it head first. 

Ladies and Gents…I. Am. Officially. The Meh Emoji. I have risen from the ashes and blazed in glory so many times that now, thanks to 2020…I couldn’t MEH less about these rising/shining, rinse, repeat “Phoenix” traits I usually am very inspired by. All I want to do for the next few months is survive and maintain my sanity. Treat people well. And be loving to those that reciprocate my effort. Listen more. Help where I can. Whatever it takes to come out of this with my dignity and sense of humanity. Unfortunately, I can’t really get through all of this with a smile. I’m also not angry. So. Meh. It is what it is. That’s my current mood. 

I’m not saying I am depressed. I’m not. But I am in a place where I have to be realistic about my bandwidth. If I invest too much energy into complaining, advocating, and deeply debating things that I can’t change or speed up…I’m going to go from Meh to seriously pissed wayyyyyy too FAST. 

How did I get to this place? Well, if you read my blog often you may remember the article I did about Pros and Cons. I’m still actively choosing to search for the Pros and ignore the Cons. I have to. We all hoped this COVID-19 thing would pass as fast as Flu season. Nope. Still here. Many of us are still doing online learning which is equally inconvenient. However, when I think critically about all the pros we still have even in these weird times, I know I’m very lucky to only have my first world problems. 

So, to remain grateful, I’m settling for a MEH vibe over an entitled one. I’ve picked my battles during the last 6 months. I’ve done the work to eliminate unhealthy relationships, break unhealthy habits, and weigh pros/cons before reacting. It’s been exhausting!!!!!! So if all I have left at the moment is knowledge & indifference vs anger & hopelessness, I’ll take it. 

All these meh moments, I will say a few things that still make me smile in a second. My friends. My kids. My family. And the rest of this blog is a thank you to each of them. 

My friends – thank you for texting more. Thank you for forcing me to FaceTime even with no makeup and tons of tears rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for the one on one happy hours on your patio after two weeks of isolation just so we can safely catch up. Thank you for telling me how awesome you think I am even when I feel lower than low for some of my dumb mistakes. You guys, you are the real awesome ones. And whenever I’m feeling lower than MEH, you always tip my scale back the other way simply by being genuine and sincere. I’m so lucky for such a strong tribe of diverse, authentic humans who just want to put good and love into the world.

My kids – they are resilient! No matter what I’ve thrown their way…they have rolled with it and tried to understand some really complex situations. Seeing them thrive even in such a stressful time, I’m so humbled and it’s inspired me to keep going. They are my gift from the heavens. They teach me so much every moment of every day. I am grateful for their compassionate and forgiving spirits. They see the world for its endless possibilities. They understand life isn’t always perfect but they believe things can get better. I’m in awe daily and thank them for teaching me patience on such a profound level. 

My family – we have had quite the roller coaster. I won’t give details. It’s too personal. But those that know us closely, you know this has not been the most happy of years for us in addition to a pandemic. However, my family is still holding onto each other as best we can and growing as individuals, but most importantly standing strong in our choice to be a team. I have so many power hitters that I label my “family”. They are everything I could ever hope for. We are all unique. We all value different things. We’re also committed to building each other up and remaining supportive of each person’s individual journey. That has been a true silver lining in a very dark time. 

So with that, I’m gonna wrap up. I gotta head into a zoom with my 3rd grader. If you are feeling MEH too, make a short list of 3 things/people who make you smile. Write it on a sticky note. Post it somewhere you look every morning. When you are sad, lonely, or anything below MEH, use the list to crack a smile and be grateful. It could be worse and for so many, it really is. 

It’s hard to see the silver lining in midst of bad sh** but if you want to make it through years like 2020, it’s worth a shot to get some perspective to help you cope. Give it a go. Call it naive. Call it wishful. I call it a Meh Cleansing. For now, it’s working. Hope it helps you too. 

Keep smiling and finding the silver lining, Daily Feelers. It’s there. I promise.

JB McCann has worked in “The Biz” for almost a decade, yet she’s somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Her altruistic spirit aims to evoke your Inner Phoenix and encourage readers to take the difficult leaps in life, so you can continue to grow.

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