I know. Right now, it’s weird times. Weird feelings. Weird mind. I’m here to tell you that you’re going to be fine. You got this.

How do I know? Well. I happen to have a direct line to the Universe. She whispers sweet nothings into my ear on occasion – telling me everything’s gonna be alright. She’s real cute and smart. Sorry, guys/girls/thems, she’s seein’ somebody.

I get it. Your Summer vacation isn’t exactly looking like you planned. Instead of eyeing the ocean from your beach-front condo, you’re spotting Netflix from your living room. Instead of a kid-free weekend here and there, you’ve got the kids – here, there, and everywhere.

Me? I thought I’d be up to my neck in burrata, sipping vino rosso off the Amalfi Coast in Italy with my handsome boyfriend.

Instead, he’s in his dirty underwear on the couch, and I’m cutting up swiss cheese on my counter and cracking open a beer. Think of all the money we’re saving! 😉

Yep, buckle up. I’m gonna be THAT person. Bright-siding the shit out of this. (You were warned.)

Each day you’re alive, you have a chance to do something. Feel something. Be something. Feeling the gratitude of being alive is one beautiful step. But, what else can you do?

I know! Name three things that didn’t kill you today. That is – three things that you rocked. Or three things you attempted. Three things that worked out. Three things that surprised you or meant something. When in doubt, stick with the basics – write down three things that didn’t kill you.

Come on. Do it. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…

(1) __________________________

(2) __________________________

(3) __________________________

Good job. What did you come up with?

I got: (1) Did my daily walk (2) Did my daily meditation/self-hypnosis (3) Wrote this darned blog (I’m thinking ahead).

Here’s what I’m learning during the pandemic: most of us have become so used to instant gratification that stay-at-home has made us cray-at-home. We’ve had to sloooowwww down so much, it’s painful.  We have literally been forced to BE. What if that’s the point?

For the people struggling the most, I challenge you to consider that maybe, just maybe, being alone with YOU might be the one thing you truly needed. Tough love – times ten.

What if the Universe flipped this switch to help you find yourself? Help you find your partner/your family/your cat/your dog? You’re welcome.

I know, it’s deep thinking. Spending more time with yourself is actually eye-opening and really good for you. Even if it makes you uncomfortable. Especially if it makes you uncomfortable!

We’re human. We’re hard on ourselves. We want more. I’m asking you to pull it all back and honor the little things. Each day, you have accomplishments. Hell, still breathing is one! The more you recognize these things, the more you win.

I’ve never been good with patience (my old story), but I’m starting to see how the little things add up to a whole lotta things. Keeping a journal helps you SEE these things unfold. It helps you to acknowledge your wins.

There’s also the irony that during these distant times, some of us have connected even more. I had never done a video call with all of my sisters before. They live in Michigan, I live in LA. By the way, during this call – we laughed so hard, we almost cried.

What took us so long? What’s taking you so long? Find the connections. Find the wins, every day. Be OK with being with yourself. Be OK with being with whoever you live with, and if you’re not, maybe get the heck out of there. Find your peace.

And, by all means, find the moments that make you laugh until you cry.

You got this.


Julie Slater, aka THE LOTUS FLOWER, looooves music – a rabid fan and musician. You may recognize her voice – she’s a voiceover artist, audiobook narrator, and podcast host (www.julieslater.com). 

Julie has DJ’d on top stations: 88.5 FM and 100.3 the Sound in LA, and 92.3 K-Rock in NYC following Howard Stern. She’s also a news anchor on NPR station 89.3 KPCC in Pasadena. 

Our lil’ lotus spends her time meditating, doing yoga, candle making, and cooking. She has a slight obsession with deep, dark cabernets & small batch whiskey. Namaste!

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