Alyssa Pantilieris first Guest Blogged for The Daily Feels in July 2018, when her daughter, Emily, was getting ready to enter into her freshman year of college. Alyssa shared her story, raising a child as a single mom, and how she was coping with her daughter growing older and becoming more independent. This blog truly shows how much Alyssa loved being a mother to Emily, and her selflessness in allowing her to spread her wings to conquer her life-long dreams. Here is Alyssa’s blog, entitled: “The Changing Seasons of LIfe”

Alyssa’s second blog showcased her mission and passion for equality. Alyssa looked at life through the lens of kindness. She never could understand why and how people could discriminate and find hate towards those they didn’t even know. Alyssa was passionate about keeping the peace and always leading with kindness. In her last blog, writing for The Daily Feels, she expresses her sadness for a friend who was unfairly attacked (verbally) by a neighbor one day. She asked us if she could tell this story, in hopes that we can all get past the divide our society is plagued with, and treat each other with love and respect. Here is Alyssa’s blog, entitled: “Same Bird”

Rest in Peace, Alyssa. You and your words will never be forgotten.


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