I’d like to start this month’s blog by checking in on everyone.  I hope you are all finding a way to cope with the uncertainty that we all are combating.  As it’s been said, “This to shall pass”.  We may not know when or how, but it will.  When it does, it will have taken from us more than we ever thought possible but it will also bring to us more than we ever understood.

It is the uncertainty that we fear the most.  Even those that portray themselves as fearless, are feeling the effect of uncertainty at this time.  In truth, we have always lived in uncertain times.  The difference now is we are learning that no matter how much we thought we were in control of our life or the lives of others, control was never ours to be had.

My perspective of this pandemic has opened my eyes to so much.  I look at some the hardest-hit areas which have in their own way presented themselves as being the greatest, strongest, or powerful amongst us.  We are discovering that despite what we believe ourselves to be, each and every one of us, no matter what our stature is, can be knocked down at any given moment.  None of us are above the fall line.  That in and of itself is both humbling and hopeful.

As a person who has lived with many levels of fear, pride and self-imposed power, I can tell you that at this moment my fear is low, my concerns are high and my pride and power have taken a trip out the window.  (Okay, I might still be holding on to my power by a thread but I know it’s not mine to keep).  

The reason I feel my fear to be at a manageable level is that I have been fearing a day like this for far too long and now that it’s arrived, I have a better understanding of why I feared it.  I feared loss of life as I knew it.  As I thought I controlled it.  Now, looking at my life with a different view of it, I can see that my concern should never have been over losing my earthly existence.  My concern should have been geared more towards the direction of where my eternal life would be.  I know that might be hard to see at the moment but  I believe that is the purpose of the storm we are fighting through.

All the pain and suffering that is unfolding in darkness before our very eyes, is causing me to fall to my knees in shame.  I am being forced to see what I chose not to see.  I always thought I was a decent person, and for the most part, I am.  However, it is my actions and intents that I am learning about and their truth is quite stinging.  I find myself being given an opportunity to change what needs to be changed so that my life can be a life of eternal peace.  As hard as it is to look inside, I know that is where I will find the light that will lead me out of the storm.  I’m aware that the storm will bring down trees, limbs will be broken, dreams will be crushed,  life will change but hope will endure.  

As much as we believe we do the right things we all falter.  It’s a necessity in life to experience this.  We all get entwined in a force of nature that beckons us toward it.  It creates a web that is very intriguing and captivating.  In our curiosity we will find ourself an unwilling capture.  Once in it, we decide if we want to remain captive or find a way out.  The escape is never easy.  Some perish within the web others pause and look for a way to escape.  We have all become tangled in our own little web.  The good news is it was designed with a way out if we are willing to search for it.  

I see this pandemic as our escape.  An opportunity to right our wrongs, appreciate one another and place value upon the gifts that we unknowingly take for granted.  A chance to heal and change.  We have been caught in a web of confusion, power, greed, indifference, misfortune and so much more.  We are being given a chance to find our way out.  To see what we neglected to see and to walk in the shoes we never thought we’d step in.  We are being forced to see what so many chose not to see for one reason or another.

Suddenly, (I’d say without warning but the signs have been there, we just sped past them), we are experiencing life in shoes that are not our own.  For far too long we have either walked or desired to walk in designer shoes to enhance our appearance.  We scoffed at shoes that were worn and tattered.  We never quite understood that those shoes stood the test of time and carried those that wore them through terrain that designer shoes could never get through.  Those shoes that were stepped upon are now carrying the load and are willing to carry it until their last thread disappears.  Those shoes have a great purpose.  They are worn by the unsung heroes of the world who go unnoticed.  The everyday people who have always stepped forward to do whatever it takes to get us through.  They are the underpaid, the overworked, and underestimated.  The ones whose dedicated service was either looked down upon or under-appreciated.  They are the ones who now hold the power in their hands but refuse to take hold of it because they know we are all in it together.  They know power means nothing, integrity means all.  They are aware of the value of every life.  

Those that held the power over these unsung heroes now have the opportunity to pay it forward by respecting, appreciating and giving back to those that have carried not only their weight but the weight of those who relied on their service.

Another opportunity that comes to mind through this pandemic is the effect of isolation.  We don’t like being isolated from one another or the world.   It’s frustrating to want to be apart of something that isn’t tangible at the moment.  It puts us in a depressed state.  We are getting a glimpse into what a person with special needs, the disabled, the bullied, the less fortunate must feel.  Those who we deem lowly because of race, creed or color, etc.  We need to take this opportunity to walk in their shoes.  They hurt, don’t they?  Imagine having to wear them your whole life.  We’ve only had them on a couple of weeks and we can’t take the pain.

Can we even imagine what it must feel like to be quarantined from a life that people refuse to let us be a part of?  Yet it’s done by countless numbers of people.  Our struggles are nothing compared to the struggles these innocent people face.  Theirs come with no end in sight.  They live on hope that one day they can be freed from the isolation.  We are that hope. I can’t even imagine what they must feel when they see a world in front of them that they cannot be a part of in the same way we are.  

When the time comes for us to step out of isolation I hope we grab on to the hands of our brothers and sisters that have been isolated and quarantined in their own world of uncertainty because of how we saw them.  If we take the lessons each of us has learned through this pandemic and share them with one another we just might have a fighting chance of finding the cure for the pandemic that has plagued us long before the Virus of 2020.

Where there is darkness, let there be light.  Let’s be more than just a glimmer of hope.  Let’s light the way to a path of new beginnings.

May God be the refuge in this time of trial.  May we not judge God’s intent but trust in His Mercy.  And May we all find our way into His loving arms.  Keep strong, keep positive no matter the direction of the storm and remember,  “This to shall pass”.  Take care of you!

Married 44 years to my hubby whose purpose in life is to prevent me from getting through the “Pearly Gates”. Mother of two, Nanna of four loving granddaughters and retired secretary aka administrative assistant. I went to the University of Hard Knocks where I received my Doctorate. My thesis is titled: How To Survive Life’s Trials Without Killing Yourself or Someone Else. I live by the belief that when life throws you a curve, learn from it rather than use it against yourself. Faith and humor are my survival kit. Appreciate the simple things for they are the true treasures of life.

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