Daily Feelers, brace yourself, I’m going on a tangent today. I apologize in advance. It’s been an interesting weekend for parents across America. As if parenting isn’t hard enough, now we get to battle coronavirus with our kiddos at home for at least two weeks. Our primary objective is to keep them healthy and educated until this virus is under control.  Oh man. Okay. I’m game. I totally understand what is happening and why we are here. But let me be honest. I’d rather be working the next 14 days on set in the dead of July heat with a skeleton crew then be locked inside with two elementary kids and non-stop rain. Parental Confessions. Judge me if you must. Truth is I am not fully prepared for this virus.

But ok.  I spent all weekend getting mentally ready. Here it is. Day One.  I think I can do it. Here’s my plan. I’m sorry it’s short. I’m busy juggling kids, work, a blog, and a personal life. It’s madness.  You’re probably in a similar madness. So, I’m winging most of this and hoping if I present it in an optimistic way, my kids will think I am interesting and willingly learn math…then science….then reading. Whoa. Hold on. Take a deep breathe…but only if you are in a safe germ-free environment.

Anywho, I’m terrible at jokes/making light.  I am, however, very good at making lists. Without further ado…my plan this week. Hope you find it insightful. 

DON’T PANIC. I keep seeing this one everywhere so I’m gonna make it the top priority. It seems like the ongoing echo of society…often echoed by more people saying “take it seriously” so to play it safe I’m going to do both. Stay chill and try not to freak out like the toilet paper people. 

HUNKER DOWN.  We are home and staying there.  It’s raining. We got a crockpot. I can do this for at least 7 days before really needing to hit up the grocery store if I really get creative. No play dates or hang outs. If a parent is in a jam and your 💯 sure all are well, call me. Just know I only accept payment in the form of Lysol disinfectant wipes and antibacterial soap if you got it. 

TEACH THEM SOMETHING. I have from 8am to 8pm for the next 14 days straight to teach them a few things like math, history, and reading.  I’m hitting up a couple of these kid friendly websites and Pinterest for lesson plans and activities. A kindergarten teacher shared these below. Super insightful. 

EAT HEALTHY. We will have some help this week so I can visit my client and Jack can proceed as such, but I won’t have time to resolve the infamous “I’m hungry” situation every few minutes. There’s fresh veggies and fruit for snacks, a small stock of classic PBJs, good ol’ pretzels, and water.  Mmmmmm. I’m also stockpiling crockpot soups. My late grandma would be so proud. If anyone is running low on supplies and needs me to make a drive by with some essentials, just DM me. Currently, we have Cheeseburger Soup. 

CHILDCARE – This will be a delicate art of divide and conquer.  Jack will go in early, I will work late. Split shifts to still hit a 12hr. Day combined and not bankrupt our family.  Sweeeeet. If anyone near me is struggling to get childcare for their healthy child, call me.

SHARE.  If you have 8 packs of toilet paper, ask your elderly/disabled friends/family/neighbors if they are good.  If they are not, cough it up. Stock them up. Everyone is fighting to survive at this moment. Pay it forward when you can. Stay safe. Stay conscious. May you and yours stay well in these trying times. 

JB McCann has worked in “The Biz” for almost a decade, yet she’s somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Her altruistic spirit aims to evoke your Inner Phoenix and encourage readers to take the difficult leaps in life, so you can continue to grow.

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