Hi! I am truly excited to introduce myself and get to know you as we share ideas and beliefs on this platform.  There’s so much to share.  Sorting through what to share has been a challenge.  At any given moment about fifty different things are happening around me, to me, because of me.  It’s crazy, fun, messy, beautiful and mostly all of them at once.  I am blessed to wear many hats which opens me up for the multitude of happenings.  I am a social worker, leadership coach, advocate, runner, mom, and curious human.  I love stories and because I have so many interests, I always have a story.  I love the simplicity and beauty of the connection created by story. 

When I begin to tell you about me and identify as a mom, I immediately announce myself as a member of the powerful mom tribe.  If I continue on about how I never expected to be a mom and had my son and daughter at “advanced maternal age”, I’ve captured and connected with older moms.  When I go on and share that I got tired of being treated as a geriatric patient, so I became determined to run as late into my pregnancies as possible I may get the attention of my running moms and those with a good amount of determination.  I will hopefully share parts of my life that leave you curious, connected and wanting to know more.

As a businesswoman, I am in constant struggle with the message and wanting to grab the attention of my audience.  Who is my audience? Who is going to be interested in what I have to say?  And even more importantly, who is going to buy what I am selling?  The story I choose to share is going to determine the answers to these questions.  Even as I sat to write this, I really got caught up with wanting to captivate you and over thought the best possible ways in which to be charming, funny and captivating.  I got so caught up in wanting you to like me that I created a very real and powerful block for myself.  I was so in my head about writing, I lost my desire to write.  Does this ever happen to you?  I love writing, I love words and sharing stories and very rarely am I at a loss for words.  Even with so much love in place, I still stripped myself of my desire to write.  Lately, I have spent a tremendous amount of time overthinking and establishing ridiculously strong barriers for myself.  You know those Jersey barriers you see on the side of the freeway, those are doorstoppers compared to the barriers I am capable of creating.  

Although I am extremely talented and proficient at barrier building, I did not set out to be “the builder of barriers” person.  Who does?  It just happened without me even realizing it.  I got caught up in listening to the outside noise.  I found myself in a constant state of wanting to do right, be right, look right, yes, everything right, that I exhausted myself.  I became so exhausted and detached from myself (thanks to the barrier) that I forgot what was important to me.  I forgot my value.  How often do you catch yourself just wanting “to do what’s right”? It is certainly, not the easy way out.  It is exhausting, right?  Blocking out the outside noise was definitely easier when I was in my twenties. 

I think at 22 years old, with my underdeveloped frontal lope, I was way more proficient at blocking out everything.  My parents will attest to my ability.  They were mortified when I did not hesitate to drive across the United States with a guy, I had only known for two months, share an apartment with him and establish a life in Los Angeles that set the foundation for my life today.  I would not be writing this if I had not met Janis in Burbank, CA a few miles from the apartment I shared with the almost stranger.  And on the reverse, I would not be sitting in Wellesley, MA over 20 years later, writing if I over thought moving back to the East coast.   

I am recommitting to not overthinking.  I want a bit of that 22-year-old soul back, so I can bring my heart and soul to the conversation, not just my overworked mind. I look forward to writing with integrity and vulnerability.  So, there’s no hiding. I intend to write and give a voice to the feelings and emotions experienced from my mind, body, and soul.  I confidently know, in writing from this place, the stories I share will be the “right” stories at the “right” time.  I am also confident that by not overthinking the content I share, I will allow you to see me.  We all have stories within us and allowing them to come out connects us to one another and the world.  We all get to be a part of the process and write our stories.  And who doesn’t love a story?

I would love to hear from you!  Write me and let me know if there’s something you’d like me to address in a post, any questions and of course, please share your comments. 

Lots of love, desire, and wisdom until next time.

Kristin Asadourian is a leadership coach best known for activating the purpose and wisdom from within her clients. She understands the importance of authenticity and courage on the path to becoming inspired and mindful leaders. Kristin believes bold actions generated by energized leaders with compassionate and open-hearts bring change. She helps her clients create an action plan to move them into values based leadership, accomplishing their goals and living fulfilled.

Kristin’s coaching practice is strongly influenced by her work in the public sector as a Senior Field Deputy for the City of Los Angeles, founder of the not for profit Artists for Change, which brings arts education to elementary age children in Los Angeles and the documentary film company, Seeroon Productions. She formed the internationally recognized production company that produced the honored film “Beginning Where the Soviet Ends: A Study of Social Work in Armenia.” Her years as a television and documentary film producer also greatly impact her practice. Kristin learned by interviewing several celebrities during her tenure at E! Entertainment Television that people, famous and not so famous are motivated to generate a positive impact on their communities. A natural speaker and storyteller, she uses her experiences to generate connection and laughter while guiding her audiences to become the leaders and changemakers within them.

Kristin leads workshops for adults and young people along with webinars and live talks. Her curriculum focuses on developing the whole person by building self-awareness and self-confidence. She is currently teaching her BECOME (Bold, Energize, Compassionate, Open-hearted, Mindful, Education) curriculum in Massachusetts and looks forward to growing its reach.

Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and multicultural relations from the University of Connecticut and master’s degree in social work from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. She received her co-active life coaching credential from the Coaches Training Institute and continues to be an active learner in order to be a better coach, mom and human.

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