The holidays are upon us. They bring all sorts of feelings. Love, reflections of the past year, depression, and of course giving.  It brings out the best in people, and in some cases, the worst in people.

This year, as every year, I made some very good moves. I started writing for The Feels, reconnected with some old friends, was a good father, husband, son, brother, and friend. Or at least in my eyes, I was.

There were some bad points in the year. Like the time I had the audacity to ask my wife why there were 10 different types of shampoos and soaps in the shower. I think since that conversation the goal has grown to 15, and the new ones she is buying at Costco just to take up more space.

Most people view the holiday season as a joyous time of year. But for many, it is the opposite. A lot of people with depression have a lot harder time during the holidays. A lot of elderly people that have lost loved ones have a hard time during the holidays.

Some families are less fortunate and do not have the means to buy gifts for loved ones. This year a friend (I don’t like to name names, so we will call him Scott R), was doing a gift drive for a family in need. I asked how I can help. He sent me what was needed. I was able to purchase the gift within five minutes on Amazon. I thought, fuck, that was easy. I guess people can no longer use the excuse that they don’t have time to shop. After I did that, I sent a homeless shelter some socks. I was so excited to tell Lorelei, she said she was proud of me and that I could start using the guest bathroom that has far less shampoos!!!!

In one of my earlier blogs this year, I mentioned how when my mother in law is here, my wife and I went on a date night to Home Goods. Well, my MIL came for Thanksgiving this year. So our one night out was Thanksgiving night, so we could hit all those Black Friday sales (I think they should change that to super sale Friday because I’m grossly offended). Plus, I had like $2k in gift cards on me. It was one romantic night. But we did get everything we needed, and of course, crap that we didn’t need for the house but I’m not the packrat in this relationship.

While on the checkout line that night, my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her: “I just need to know that you love me more now than the day we met”. The woman behind us on line said: “that’s so sweet”. Lorelei turned and said: “it’s all an act….” #truelove

I then told her I wanted a wet/dry vacuum… living the dream here people. Living the dream.

Disney recently came out with a streaming service. So, while searching through the Pixar movies, I came across some shorts. I’m thinking to myself. this is fuckin great. I can get the kids to watch these 3-9 minute shows they won’t be on the iPad all day. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch the short film, Lava, more than one time. My son Brady loves it. It’s singing the whole time. That song is stuck in my head now. Besides the school song for Samuel J Preston elementary, it is now the most played song in my brain radio.

I really do love the holiday season.  It really puts me in a good mood for about ten minutes each day. In fact, today when I go grocery shopping, I’m not going to snarl at any old person moving too slow or blocking the aisle because of the need to compare prices of two different fucking kinds of mandarin oranges.

I lived in NYC for numerous years. I now miss the holiday season in NYC. It is electric there. It was hands down the second-best time of year to live there (sundress season is hands down the best). I miss working in Rock Center and taking tourists pictures by the tree.

I did get myself a pair of Doc Martens for my Christmas gift to myself. Now I know I do not look or even smell like I did in my 20’s anymore. But these shoes bring back great memories, and I feel youthful in them.

On another note, the new Star Wars comes out this week. So all the geeks like me will be going to midnight showings this week. Some people just don’t understand how important these movies are in our lives.

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about having a kidney transplant. This is the power of social media, a friend from college read the blog and told me that her sister-in-law was in need of a kidney. Well, she had a transplant this week. The season of giving. The donor was her sister. I have messaged with this friend about transplants ever since that blog that I wrote. It’s reflections like these, that make the little things in life that you do magnify so much more.

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read my blogs this year. It has been fun writing them and reading the other amazing writers. Have a happy and safe holiday season. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us.


Native New Yorker, now living in Connecticut. Husband, and father of two amazing boys. Kidney transplant recipient, and a big supporter of organ donation #donatelife. Mortgage banker, but not by choice. In my free time, I enjoy golf, reading (especially presidential biographies), and finding that hole in the wall restaurant that has great food.

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