Oh Summer, how we love thee (well, some of us). With summer, comes the sun, surf, and sizzling hot beach reads. Here are our picks of the best books to take on your next trip to the shore.

Nancy, “The Queen of Ageless Wisdom’s” Summer Book Pick

CUTTING FOR STONE by Abraham Verghese

It’ll be my second read but its so absorbing that it actually removes one from ‘every day humdrum.’

Right from the beginning of the Prologue, I knew I was holding a book whose story must be read and told! A story about life and what binds us together and later unties us. A story to be absorbed by all the senses. Especially, the feelings!

It’s not a new book but so well written that it’s worthy for a summer list.

Demetrious, “Ruler of Androdgeny’s” Summer Book Pick


The reason why I chose this book is because it was the only one I could read for a long time. I was developmentally delayed and didn’t speak until 4 years old. I couldn’t read well, write well, or speak at all… I asked my sister to read it to me and then eventually was able to read it myself! Because of Winn-Dixie helped my comprehension over the 2 or 3 years I was reading it for… I probably read it twice or thrice because I loved it so much. It was just an amazing book to my little 4th-grade brain.

Dee-Dee, “The Spice of Suburbia’s” Summer Book Pick


Whether you’re a long time Stern fan or never enjoyed him, this book of his best interviews is an amazing read. Condensed of in-depth conversations with some of the greatest entertainers, historic and infamous people of our time. Discussing money, fame, family, mental health and of course… sex.

Peter, “The Cynical Dreamer’s” Summer Book Pick


An oldie but a goodie. This collection of short stories is an easy, yet exciting summer read, with fascinating characters, tales, and quotes that will stick with you long after you’re finished. It really highlights on how the simplest of interactions and experiences can shape us for the rest of our lives, and how we should always remember just how effective we can be on others, for good and for bad. A lesson everyone should take with them in our everyday quest to be a better person than we were the day before.

Janis, “Champion of Truths, Unicorns & AWE-tism’s” Summer Book Pick

WHITE HOT TRUTH by Danielle LaPorte

If you never heard of Danielle LaPorte, you MUST follow her on Instagram ( @daniellelaporte) and visit her website (https://www.daniellelaporte.com/). 

She is the realest of real, a spiritual badass, guiding people to radical self-acceptance in an anti-new-agey way.  She’s my favorite writer of all time, her words and the way she places them so intentionally on the page, it’s something kinda magical.  Ok, so back to the book, WHITE HOT TRUTH. I believe we read books to escape, and that’s cool, but White Hot Truth calls bullshit on the escape and looking elsewhere for answers.  The main message of the book is that only YOU can look inside yourself and “be your own guru“.  She advises the reader to run wildly into the arms of YOUR Truth and to stop trying to do it “right” or someone else’s way.  One of my favorite takeaways from this read: “When we paint over pain with premature positivity, we short circuit our healing.”  I mean…I just can’t say enough.

Liv, “The Lone Teen’s” Summer Book Pick


A must-read series I would recommend is The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han. It is truly captivating because of the amazing summer vibes it brings, along with a classic love triangle of a teen girl trying to navigate the world as well as figure herself out as tragedy strikes suddenly. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a truly beautiful story involving a beach, a love triangle and the unclear topic of growing up.

Anastasia, “Offbeat Rhythm’s” Summer Book Pick

THE HATE YOU GIVE by Angie Thomas.

Although I have personally not finished the book (I started it). I have watched the movie and it is heavily based on the book. I recommend it because it tells a story that emphasizes the need for acceptance and equality and illustrates the importance of standing up for what is right. It is a sad, but powerful novel about a girl stuck between two worlds who must find her voice after experiencing tragedy.

Cherry, “Freak of Nurture’s” Summer Book Pick

DARE TO LEAD by Brené Brown

I’ve always believed that leadership is not inevitable. Just because you are good at your job, doesn’t mean you can lead a team doing that work. Wherever you land on the leadership spectrum, a born leader or a learned leader, Brene Brown inspires courage, empathy and compassion providing critical skills In a smart simple no-BS- style to help you find your voice and your daring. 

Tiffany, “The Poetic Butterfly’s” Summer Book Pick

THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

Summer is a perfect time to re-energize your spirit and breathe more life into your dreams. This book will inspire you to do just that. It takes you on a beautiful journey filled with heartfelt lessons. The Alchemist is a classic that you’ll want to read again and again.

Julie, “The Lotus Flower’s” Summer Book Pick

GIRL WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis

When I think of summer reads, I think of easy reads. Although it’s not new, mine is “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. It’s a book about not believing the lies about yourself that you have taken to be true – a book about believing in yourself and going for it. She’s since come out with “Girl, Stop Apologizing” which may be a nice combo read (that’s up next for me). Happy summer!

Padraic, “The Neurotic Urban Millennial’s” Summer Book Pick


Look, it’s summertime and when I am relaxing on a beach or vegging on the couch trying to suck up all the air conditioning available, I enjoy trashy reading. Don’t hate — there’s no shame in my summer reading game. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction and this checks all the boxes for an enjoyable beach read — trashy inside fighting, events that I can still recall, and all the juicy, salacious gossip (who knew Barbara Walters and Judge Judy took cruises together?).  It’s a quick read and technically since the book talks about current events, it’s also educational. 

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