Before I begin my ‘Imagination’ journey, I want to acknowledge this wonderful time of the year, Springtime! Also, A very Happy Birthday to “Our Daily Feels” and, to all, Happy Easter!

For a while, I began to wonder, where has all the worldly wisdom of imagination gone? That’s when I decided to turn off the TV for quite a few hours. It was all ‘negative’ news that I was hearing, and it began to infiltrate my thinking patterns. I know that just changing the channel or hitting the off button will not stop all the questionable and challenging stories that are being told, so, I decided on a break from it all!

Back to nature! I’m back!!!! Refreshed and ready for the world again! After all, the world wasn’t created just for me or my type of thinking alone! I had a little talk with my maker! Yup! You know who! Some of you say ‘Universe’ others refer to their ‘Source’! And He reminded me about the “Five” things I learned throughout my life. The Five I revealed on Our Daily Feels! Imagination was #3 on my list and my wisdom target for today! The world was created long before I was a gleam in my mother’s eyes! So, I’m not the only earth inhabitant! And we all most certainly think differently! I guess this is how it has always been but with our extremely modern technologies, the world has become closer and smaller! And angrier! Or is just my point of view that needs changing? No, I’m not going to become angry but I certainly do wonder why people resort to the negative ideas that will one day destroy them!

I revisited all my old masters who were the deep thinkers of their time and I reacquainted myself with Einstein. He reassured me that “Life is like riding a bicycle.” To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Great advice. So, there I found the answer to my own puzzle. When I turned off my TV, I turned on NATURE! That’s where I learned that all life is good. Our universe is filled with wonder. Plants, trees of all sizes, flowers filled with color and the edible plants as well! All of my ‘senses’ joined in and the entire landscape renewed and refreshed me! I was reminded that I was not created in the form of a robot, or animal, but as a human with a network of ideas. There was a time the dinosaur roamed our earth! And they would stamp us out. Today, my tiny friends, the geckos run for their lives! I keep reminding them how large and fearful they once were! But, I won’t hurt them! It’s up to me to figure out what works for good and what hurts! If it hurts me or others, get rid of the idea! So, with all this exploration of nature surrounding me, I thought of a question that I’d like to ask God! An idea that has been roaming around my brain and the Question is: Why didn’t You create the ‘cell phone’ when you created Adam & Eve? He roared with laughter! If Eve hadn’t been curious, you wouldn’t be here today. Yes, it would have saved Moses and the tribes many years because they could have called me and asked for a short cut to their wonderings. They needed the time! And that fellow and his ark, Noah, he would not have had to wait for a bird to tell him that land was nearby! But, you see, my people of old, didn’t need shortcuts to life, they needed to learn to grow together. It didn’t always work because, they too, had their own free will and life’s agenda! Do you think I wanted Michelangelo to have a cell phone and keep being interrupted with his work? He had enough problems with the Pope! And by the way, Queen of Wisdom, what’s up with this App for the cell phone; “Back to Nature” sounds and pictures?? What’s wrong with my real thing…nature in the raw? I couldn’t even help my son with a cell phone. Much of His life was kept in secret. And, so it was with His cousin John! Do you understand that each and every invention has its time to be born to a world who is awaiting its arrival? And no harm has been done because all of my people of yesterday have not been forgotten. Remember, there will always be a person who has a great love for history and will write it down! A cell phone cannot do this! Yes, people can type and do it with feeling and I like that!

All history must be recorded. It’s another building block of life. From God’s mouth to my ears, “I love when people use their minds, their imagination to create new ideas!” AMEN! It was Einstein that said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge!” And he was correct. It goes beyond the senses. You create with the mind. You have a thought. For example, the ball! How did that get started? That little golf ball that’s used today; that, too, has a tremendous history. All the way back to the 12th Century! Even the ‘dimples’ on the ball have a purpose! Imagine that? So, with each sport that has a ball, there is a history on that ball and it has taken many humans over time to discover, (in many cases recover), the ball that’s in play. I’m sure that each player that plays a sport game concerning a ball has an idea or two to improve the ball or the game! That’s imagination at work. Never discourage that imagining!

Have you looked at any fashion magazines of late? Chock-filled with ideas; some old, some new, others far fetched but always created from the seedlings of imagination. I enjoy all of these magazines. So many ideas are born out of a designer’s mind! Bravo to all those who can contribute to our wonderful world! I fell in love with one of our local Floridian Femme magazines which depicted Expensive Art in such a way that it invites you to visit your local, or far away art galleries of the world. I wonder what Paul Gauguin would say about his piece “Nafea faa ipoipo?” (When will you marry?) 1892 and it was sold for $300 million! The painting That really gave me pause was Jackson Pollock’s drip painting of 1948, “No. 5, 1948”! He literally threw buckets of paint on a sheet of fiberboard. It sold for $140 million! Talk about an idea with imagination! I bet if I threw buckets of paint on my house, it would not sell! So, imagination has no boundaries. It follows us to the kitchen. In our food ideas! Check out Lidia’s ideas about cooking! All her menu ideas are creative, festive and colorful. Imagination! In our world of Fashion, Fragrances, Cosmetics, and all modes of travel, imagination creates better ideas. Yes, it’s in our education system as well.

We have a good many free thinkers who have grand ideas. Their contributions will most likely bring us better medications, to extend life, although I have the upper hand! I do salute all who want to be Imagineers! If I were to create a school it must incorporate “IMAGINATION!” I would want it to be a ‘must take’ class! Thinking beyond what you read from a book. Thinking, creating and imagining your way through life! Try putting yourself in another’s thought processes. It might change one’s feelings about others. I’ve learned to respect others, their thoughts, their feelings and I often have a change of heart about their attitudes. Imagine working with feelings, thoughts, and attitudes that are foreign to us! I’m sure that it will bring many surprises. My hope is that they will whet our appetites for pure wonderment. Remembering such wonderful books such as Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, Peanuts by Charles Schulz and The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery! All fashioned by imagination! And let’s not forget the world of music! What would have Beethoven done without his imagination? Or the Beatles “So Happy Together! “Imagine me and You……….!” What a gift, IMAGINATION!

Nancy Fraioli is a retired Benefits Asst. from Town/Village of Harrison, NY. She’s alive and well residing in Sarasota with her daughter and family and enjoying the Floridian life style daily. Her passions are writing, reading books of philosophy, children’s stories and poetry. Her deep love is living, learning and sharing how faith, meditation and music guide her daily life. And she loves to lunch with the ladies!

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