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Has there ever been a time in your life that you feel so anxious that you can’t focus on anything happening around you?
I know that feeling all too well. Just the other day, while calmly sitting on my bed on a Sunday morning, I began to think about all the things in my life that bring me stress. All of a sudden, my leg began to shake, I had shortness of breath, and I just couldn’t function. Almost immediately I recognized this familiar feeling of anxiety.  This isn’t new for me, as I feel anxiety many times throughout the week, sometimes daily.
Unfortunately, the feeling of anxiety affects over 40 million Americans each day. Because of the common everyday stresses we feel, it’s important that we are all able to find an outlet. Something to do as a form of therapy to take away these anxious feelings – at least temporarily.

Music and songwriting are my “outlet”. Ever since receiving a ukulele for Christmas, it’s my go to. Whenever I’m feeling worried and my emotions are too much to handle, I simply turn to my ukulele and focus on the relaxing sounds of the strums.  Songwriting is the way that I can either evaluate what I’m feeling, and put into words or distract myself from my stress, by creating something totally new to focus on.
Especially in today’s world where it’s so common to feel anxiety, I invite all of you to find your “outlet”. Is it a hobby you enjoy doing? An art? A sport? Below, I created a list to help you find your “outlet”:


-Anxiety Coloring Books
-Music Therapy
-Drawing, Sketching, and Painting
-Journaling Thoughts and Ideas
-Creative Writing
-Sitting outside


And the list goes on and on. In times of stress and worry, I highly advise taking something you love to do, and turning it into your outlet for an enjoyable way to live stress-free.
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Liv Mazz, aka The Lone Teen, is a suburban 13-year-old living with her father, brother and Havanese puppy. She is an eighth grader who enjoys spending time with friends in downtown Westfield NJ.


When not hanging out with her friends, you can find her dancing up a storm at her longtime dance school, running lines to audition for her next show or singing a ballad on stage. Liv also loves to spend time with her giant Italian family by enjoying a Sunday dinner and great conversation. She cannot wait to begin sharing her story as a not-so-average teen and is super excited to be a brand new addition to The Daily Feels.

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