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On this Chrismas Eve, we here at The Daily Feels wanted to share our Christmas wishes.   

Never stop believing in the magic of Christmas.


“My wish is for my family to heal from the loss of my uncle as we reach the one year anniversary of his passing”.  
“My holiday wish is for everyone to know that they are important to the world and the people around them, especially my loved ones. This wish comes from one of my favorite movies, It’s A Wonderful Life, which tells a story that shows how no one truly understands the impact they have on others. I think one of the greatest gifts someone can receive is to know they’re appreciated and they are loved. That is what I wish for everyone this holiday season”.

“My holiday wish is to see those I love and care about, including myself, find happiness in the small things in life, and take a moment to appreciate one another”.


1. That the true meaning of Christmas becomes alive again

2.  Unity overtakes divisiveness 

3.  Trust and Faith lead all mankind forward

4.  All my loved ones find peace within themselves

5.  That I let go of all that prevents me from focusing on God’s Promise


“My wish is for everyone near and far to feel absolute love and light on their Holiday”. 


My wish for Christmas has to do with family. I am back in Harrison for a couple weeks, and my life is in a transition stage. As much as I miss my fiancée, Lindsay, and our cat, Ziggy, it makes me incredibly happy to see my brother, Maximillian again. Also, it is wonderful that my sister, Victoria, is now available for instantaneous hugs! However, I am struggling to communicate with a third family member that I missed very much: my mom. My wish is for us to improve our communication, and to better understand our intentions, thoughts, and emotions. I know that we both want what’s best for each other. If my wish is granted (maybe by a magical goddess of spaghetti), I could talk to her more openly, honestly, and Demetriously! I could give her heaps of humongous hugs, just as I do with my other loved ones. I wish for us all to have a joyful holiday season”.


“David Beckham cloned, equality for all, a cure for cancer (and any other disease that takes our loved ones too soon), a snow-less winter, an end to the stigma against mental illness, more kindness and acceptance of all who are different, The Daily Feels to hit 1000 followers, and for my loved ones to experience great happiness, health, and prosperity”.



“This is the same wish every year. I wish that you find peace within yourself this holiday season.  Look around you.  Find the good.  Spread it on anything you can reach.  Remember that life isn’t about how much is in your bank account or how many presents are under your tree.  It’s about how much love is in your heart. My wish is that we all get one moment this holiday season to pat ourselves on the back for making it through another year.  When you take that moment and feel the love, find someone who’s smile isn’t as bright as yours and hug them super tight. They may be completely confused, but I bet they smile”.


“I was already gifted with the biggest gift- my youngest got a clean X-ray of no more Hip Dysplasia! Honestly, everything else is just gravy after your kid’s health. (But Santa, feel free to throw the new iWatch in if you are so inclined”.


“My wish for this Christmas is for love to take precedence over hate in every person, in every situation.  There is so much hate in the world right now, and it is threatening to take over- but if more of us can act out of love first, then we can re-imagine the future”.


1 – Abundance all around with love, laughter, work/money, wine/whiskey

2 – Unexpected opportunities 

3 – Good health for all

4 – Traveling adventures

5 – A grand proposal (see #2)


“As I prepare for my 2018 Christmas…my wishes are for those whom I cherish and love all of them gold, new young and old. They are my gifts. They are my reminders of the three wise men; going out of their way for me”.


“My Christmas wish can be summed up by Rodney King’s famous line. “Can we all just along?” Stop divisive politics, hatred, and for people to just come together”.


“My wish for Christmas is that my mother’s health improves in 2019. She’s been very sick the majority of the year, to debilitating levels at times, and I just would like her to feel better, stronger and back to herself again. She deserves a break. I hate seeing bad things happen to good people, and I especially hate when that angel of a human being, is my mother”.



“I wish for those who have lost a loved one to heal over the holidays”.  



Merry Christmas from all of us here at The Daily Feels!



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