BY: Janelle Williams, Health Coach – Guest Blogger

I’ll start on Monday!  How many times have you found yourself saying that? If you’re anything like me, COUNTLESS. Between Happy Hour on Friday’s after work and Sunday brunches, followed by Netflix and Chill sessions. All with wine, of course. Wine is healthy right? Its made from grapes…aaaand water. No? Eh, whatever.
Anyhow, the last thing on your mind is meal prepping and weighing yourself. Monday morning rolls around and it’s the usual rigamarole. Snooze a bit. Roll outta bed. Fish for something that fits. LAWD. Nothing ever fits. Dart out of the house. Crank up the radio. Must pump yourself up for the man. But first. Starbucks. Pull up, get the usual, mocha schmocha latte and a muffin. Get to the office and the first thing on the agenda: WHAT’S FOR LUNCH?! Girl. This was my life. For years. So, it’s not like I woke up one day and was 50lbs overweight. It was a culmination of all those little things I was or WASN’T doing.
Let’s back up a bit though because I’m pretty sure life wasn’t always this way. I was active as a child. Always outside. Ran track. My family wasn’t super unhealthy but not fit either, just riiiiiight there in between. My parents did the best they could with what they knew. Only thing that stands out was the once a week TV dinners.
So what happened? How did I let myself go? Life happened. Putting others and my job before myself. Not making myself a priority because it seems selfish.
My breaking point? I found myself really unhappy. Though I masked it extremely well. Unemployed, overweight, unhappy. Taking my clothes off in front of my boyfriend, at the time, was uncomfortable. Which made sex awkward. Some may relate. My honey loved me, I knew that. But I didn’t love how I looked or felt. I was very self-consciousness. So what does any sane person who’s unhappy with their self-image do? Scroll social media. Seeing other fit women didn’t make me feel worse, but it certainly didn’t make me feel better. Until one ray of light crossed my timeline. I took a leap of faith and asked for help.
After trying what felt like every diet there is:
Master Cleanse
South Beach
Counting calories
B-12 shots in the belly
Skipping meals
Slim Fast
Baby Food
Cabbage soup
None of them worked, not long term at least. I lost a pound or seven but quickly gained it back once I started breathing. Frustrated. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’re pushed into action. I was beyond tired.
That ray of sunshine I speak of above invited me out. I jumped at the invitation. It was an early Saturday morning. She was a complete stranger who helped me. She taught me about nutrition and eating for fuel, versus eating to get full. Two weeks later, in the middle of the week, I started my journey and never looked back. 30 days in, low and behold,  ya girl was down 12 freakin pounds!! Then another 18lbs. Finally losing a total of 45lbs. HOLY MOLY!! Honestly, I didn’t think I was that overweight. For the first time in years, at the tender age of 34, I had energy for days. Stamina baby.
Since then, I’ve had a couple more kids but I’m proud to say I’m down over 50lbs postpartum. All this takes work. Mental work, more than anything. Over the years I learned the secret. The formula. 80% of getting results is what you eat, the other 20% is breaking a sweat. So many people have it the other way around. Killing themselves in the gym, then eating whatever they want.
Do you want to know what is the biggest component? MINDSET. 100% of it. Without the mindset you will not reach your goal. You will quit. You’re changing your lifestyle, and for a lot of us, generational habits. That takes mental work. So, if you’re finding yourself sick and tired and ready to get in shape and ready to change your habits – get mentally prepared first.
Dig deep. That sounds corny, but it’s the truth. Find out why you want to change. Why now? This “why” will keep you going when you’re ready to give up, and you will want to.
The big “why” for me was sex, and that’s okay. Whatever keeps you going. To help with the mindset, I implemented personal growth/development. First listening to Abraham Hicks – “A Belief is Only a Thought”, then Tony Robbins. – “Raising Your Standards”, Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, and countless others.  Taking all that in completely changed how I operated. I felt like a new woman. Happy. Inside and out.
You know what happens when you lose 30lbs and you’re happy, all glowy and shit. People start to notice. I had an opportunity to help other women feel amazing. Help other women change the way they operated around food. So now I had a purpose.
For anyone feeling frustrated and ready for change, get your head in the game first and the rest will follow. Make it a lifestyle change.  Eat intentionally. Meaning, know what serves you and your goals. Not every diet is meant for you. Enroll someone to hold you accountable, not someone who will enroll in your excuses. Remember, you want to change for the better.
I finally found something that works for me. I eat every 2-3hrs, which is about 5-6 times per day. One healthy balanced meal: lean protein, dark green veggies, and a healthy carb. Water!! Don’t deprive yourself. Just love your life, but make more healthy choices than unhealthy. One last thing, this one’s a doozy…cut back on the alcohol.
Well, that’s my time, it’s been real. I look forward to hearing all about your journey in the future. Don’t wait until Monday to change your life. Your life is every day.
If anyone is looking for accountability or help. I’m here for you.
Janelle Williams, a household CEO, managing 3 kids, and a wellness business. After I worked on myself, I realized I could help others too. It’s been 6 years of helping mommy’s redefine and love their bodies.

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