Ok, Labor Day weekend feels like a trick! 3 Days Off! What??? Man, it felt good, didn’t it? BBQ, pool time, lakeside, whatever it was…we all can agree, it was so needed.

Then, reality hit on Tuesday. “The Real World” was gonna gain that Monday back and some! That Tuesday, I got a call to produce a music video in the desert, clients started approving bids that had been pending for weeks, and homework for my 1st grader came with a vengeance. Guess we are ALL recharged and operating at full speed!

You can relate, right? We think things are calm, so we start to open up to new ventures then BAM, in over your head again! Well, this used to be me but I’ve been paying attention to this ripple effect and came up with a couple guidelines that help me remain blissfully excited about my busy life.

1) Breathe
There’s this Inspirational Speaker & former Monk that talks about the art of controlling your breath. He’s so right! He says the only thing that remains consistent your entire life is breathing. If you notice, every emotion we feel effects our breath, it’s our job to recognize the shift and make time to regulate it. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and it’s FREE. Before you do ANYTHING, make sure your breath is calm. This will ensure you are ready to take your stance on whatever decision you are facing. Here’s the video link. He’s way more eloquent with the theory:

2) Take Out The Trash
This one is both literal and metaphorical…take out your trash!! Declutter your mind and your home. Declutter anything in your life that’s not bringing you peace. We all tend to hang on to things (and people) who weren’t meant to be whatever assumption we gave them. I’m terrible at this one. I hate “failure” and I will fight to the death at times to hold onto a dream. However, I’ve learned lately that this is really irresponsible of me. By forcing something/someone to be what I want them to be, I devalue who/what they are really meant to be. I also prevent what’s really meant for me to manifest. So…yea, take out your trash.

3.) Say “Yes” Selectively
Hi. I’m Jennifer McCann and I’m an overachiever.  I have a hard time accepting that I can’t do everything. This quality has been my biggest catapult, but also my biggest Achilles Heel. As a recovering “Yes” Woman, I try daily to think very carefully about what I invest my time in. I’m 34. My days of just giving it a go and seeing what happens, ended when I had my 2nd child at 30. Now, I have to weigh the risk, the reward, and the investment every time I am presented with a new path. I’m not saying kill all spontaneous impulse. If you want to skydive on a whim, jump! I’m talking about the “life path” choices…if your heart isn’t in it, the payoff isn’t genuine, then perhaps a gentle no is best. This is someone else’s moment to shine and your halfway commitment is preventing their whole-hearted growth.

4) Be All In
Now, IF you say yes, you gotta be all in. You gotta smile, suit up and see it through to the end. If it’s a rocky road, remember why you said yes and start again. Smile, suit up, keep trying. Plain and simple. No good will come from you grumbling your way through something you agreed to do.

5) Know Your Team
If you were stranded in a desert, hours away from anyone, who are the first 3 people you call? Now, if tragedy strikes and you need to be pulled from the edge, who do you call? Whoever you just named…that’s your team. Now, teamwork is a two-way street. You have to give as often as you take or the friendship is total BS. So, if you haven’t called your team lately and asked what you can do for them, you better find time to check-in. No matter how big or small, we all need comrades but to get good ones, you gotta pay your dues.

6) Accept your Enemy
This one…oh man, it’s a tough one. Gossip is so common, yet also so detrimental. I heard a woman once say that other people’s opinion of you ain’t none of your business! She’s so right. So, all you can do is accept that not everyone is your cup of tea and vice versa. Then take it a step further and send kind thoughts their way, instead of throwing that negativity into the wind about why they are so not for you. That’s a cheap shot that negatively affects both you and the one you disagree with. Karma has a field day with us as payback when we don’t learn this lesson.

7) Invest in Wellness
Nowadays, everyone has a health issue. Don’t be a victim. Don’t label yourself as a “disability”, and invest in finding ways to better your mental and physical health at your pace. This isn’t a race, or a test, or a deadline…this is a journey of self-discovery and when one theory doesn’t work, you get to try another. There’s no one-stop-shop for healthy living. We are all unique and all need different things. Your attitude toward your issue is on you. I’ve battled lupus on and off for 4 years now. Some days, I cry my eyes out. Other days, I’m on top of the world…but every day, I choose to make time for my well-being. Why? Because I deserve it. My family deserves it. My TEAM deserves it. None of the things listed above will get achieved if I don’t make this one a priority, especially on the days I feel my worst. Stretch, walk, meditate, try protein shakes, try writing in a journal; whatever it takes to get your mind right, that’s on you! There’s always going to be someone with a more tragic story than yours that will prove ANYONE can beat the odds, so put the “victim” card on the bottom of your deck. Instead, find the “Queen” or “King” of hearts and give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and some much deserved TLC.

If you follow these guidelines, I know it will help you navigate through your life with optimism vs. dread. Have a nice week, Daily Feelers!! Be kind out there, and don’t forget to BREATHE! You got this.

JB McCann has worked in “The Biz” for almost a decade, yet she’s somehow managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Her altruistic spirit aims to evoke your Inner Phoenix and encourage readers to take the difficult leaps in life, so you can continue to grow.

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