How do the Seasons change you? Which calendar do you live by? Commercial or Nature’s?

This is an important and interesting question! It can determine your stress and enjoyment levels.  Your attitudes, ideas, and fulfillment for each season. Through this blog, I am revealing my deepest and most heartfelt feelings for each season. I am thankful!


cow.jpgI am like a season, always changing. My favorite season is soon approaching and I am lost in thought about the true wonders it brings to us. If you’re from the New England or New York area, you know exactly what I’m trying to convey on paper! Northern Falls are brilliant with color and always perform a spectacular showing of their Autumn dress! People travel miles to view Mother Nature’s natural event.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

How does Autumn change me? I feel the mellowness of the early color change in the leaves. And as they lose their coats of moisture and deepen to bright gold and crimson, I want to dance with them. The air is less heavy to breathe and the scents of Fall travel gracefully.
Perhaps while you’re viewing nature, you’ll want to stop at a farm stand! Our Fall viewings always meant a stop at our favorite stand for pumpkins, apples, cider and, yes, homemade doughnuts!

Even though Fall brings us cooler air, I always feel a deep warmth.  In this transition period while Mother Nature is changing, I, too, am changing!

One particular Fall, my friend Joan and I found an unusual setting. We found Belted Galloways way up in the state of Maine. A feeling of all is at peace; nature, animals and man!
Look for something different or unusual in the season of your life.

“Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees” – Karle Wilson Baker



cowAs soon as ‘turkey day’ is done, everyone’s on the run for the Winter’s season of love and fun!  We are the busiest people on the planet where Christmas is concerned. We’ve become a world of commercial robots! Racing, rushing and still not finding the true meaning of the Winter season!

When Fall’s curtain drops, winter commences her high drama with flurries of commercialism and catchy Christmas tunes. I prefer The Nutcracker suite. It always settles me into the seasons’ mood! It reminds me of what Christmas means to the children of the world. Their wild anticipations, their beliefs, and their dreams.

We lose one hour of daylight and we panic because time is already too short!
I remember a time past when December was a feast time for celebration, giving, receiving, joining with families and just being joyous! Now, it has become a business of buying and selling!

No matter the climate you live in, take this season to slow down, learn to appreciate the joy of being you!

“A frosty attitude maligns the soul but the seasons’ gratitude makes us whole” – F N Fraioli

This winter season is the time when most trees undress and stand tall, dark and bare! However, we have some beautiful Fir trees that keep their color. Some emerald green, others a lighter green tinged with a bluish-white haze. All used for our pleasure to help celebrate our Christmas season. We, too, are standing tall and find the need to come to a halt so we can revamp our ideas towards ourselves and others. We use ornaments to show off the trees. But do we color our minds with grace and beauty? We should be like a magnificent ornament! Just beautiful in everyone’s eyes!

In our NY front yard. The smallest of trees held its weight with all the snow. A still and perfect setting of grace and beauty. Winter’s stillness brings peacefulness to the Soul.


cowAs the cocoon sheds its covering to reveal the beauty of the butterfly, we, too, throw off our winter garments so we can feel the lightness and warmth of Spring. Our thoughts begin to feel the freedom of new growth and our steps move forward at a faster pace.

We, like the Spring season, have the need to replant new seeds and ideas. As the earth loses her coldness of winter and warms us with the sun, we change, we want to begin anew. The fields of Spring flowers and the brilliance of the cherry blossoms reminds us that we are reborn again.

Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons makes us feel each season and its nature through musical
conversation. Springtime gives us new purposes to begin anew. As the farmer plants last years’ seedlings, we avow to bring fresh ideas to our too accustomed way of life.

Our days are lengthened by the clock. I never understood the need to ‘shorten’ the day as I believe in capturing each moment of sunlight! This, I’m sure falls in the category of commercial purposes.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party” – Robin Williams

I really didn’t have to travel far to embrace Spring. It awaited me outside my front door with all Its grandeur and magnificence.



“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn

Summer is a special time. The earth is fully alive and flourishing with nature’s produce. Whether it’s our personal backyard gardens or large fields or farms, we are once again mesmerized by Nature’s yield!

I’d like to personalize the summer season by mentioning my grandparents, Tony and Francesca Corsaro. They were growers of veggies, fruit trees, and a small grape arbor.
From early Spring to late Fall, we spent a great deal of time in the double garden. (Two lots!).  Their tomatoes were their prized possessions. Large, rich, bright red and mouth-watering delicious! Tomatoes for summer salad and winter’s sauce or gravy on pasta. They were true Vegans when it was not fashionable to be so!

Summer brings with it a bombardment of the senses. Colors, tastes, touches, fragrances, and Sounds of the summer wind and, of course, all the memories we shared with family.

“Growth is the only evidence of life” – John Henry Newman

I remember our Ohio Cousins family picnics when we sat in the cornfields when the corn was green! On Sunday’s after Mass, my grandparents would love to just oversee their large garden and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for Him there” – George Bernard Shaw

“To everything, there is a season…………….” Ecclesiastes

Have the seasons of your life changed you?

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Nancy Fraioli is a retired Benefits Asst. from Town/Village of Harrison, NY. She’s alive and well, residing in Sarasota with her daughter and family and enjoying the Floridian lifestyle daily.

Her passions are writing, reading books of philosophy, children’s stories and poetry. Her deep love is living, learning and sharing how faith, meditation, and music guide her daily life. And she loves to lunch with the ladies!

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