My ‘wonderment’ is in the joy of knowing, feeling and capturing all of life…

If a body feels age, but the senses and thinking cap dictate otherwise,
Why not enjoy the wonders of these gifts? Why try to analyze?

The bright sun, the picturesque clouds, the fine see thru raindrops all lend and blend
To this canvass of wonderment. And soon will appear a colorful rainbow’s end.

I’ll just bow my head to the One who fills my cup each morn,
And mutter a thank you that I was born!

I’d like to think that everyone under the sun
Has felt, at one time or another,
That life on earth is a great wonder, filled with astonishment and fun!

But we all know that thunder often accompanies an unpredicted storm!
This is the time we’re called upon, with help from above (the Angels circle)
to fight the hardest and not give in to an idea that may be clouding our thinking dome!

Please remember, that we are the gift holding the ‘wonderment’ of life,
magical charm without strife!

Always wonder what tomorrow may bring…
and keep forever, in your heart, a melody to sing.

Thank your many gifts and their uses,
and please, no abuses!

As I close my ode and say Amen…
two tiny butterflies kissed my pen.

Here is what I know about the wisdom of wonder in my life…
This is what I learned about wonder through Kahlil Gibran and many other writers with great imagination. At a very early age, I fell in love with a school library book and, yes, it filled me with wonder! I can still see my young fingers touching and feeling the cover of the book which was an apricot hardcover and dimpled with roughness. As I began to turn the pages, I noticed how silky they felt. More like a fancy magazine! I wondered about those pages and exactly what they were trying to convey to my young imaginative mind?
Now, here I am well into my wisdom years and I’m still deeply in love with books and life’s wonders! Not just their covers but each page! Each book I touch and read instructs, nourishes and speaks, to me, of the life of many ages. Books are my ‘wonder friends’ and I treat them as I do my human friends. With respect!

I want to offer a suggestion about the page of a book;
never, never turn down a page as a marker! That’s why we have beautiful book markers of all sorts in the marketplace! When you receive an especially beautiful card from a friend or loved one, you might consider making a book marker of it! Dual purpose, a touching remembrance and a new marker!

Here’s a new idea…I received a baby shower invite and the request was PLEASE BRING A BOOK, a child’s book, instead of a card! It goes on to explain the purpose…this special gift from you even when you’re not there. That’s a wonder, to me!

I visit my “wonder world’ often and that’s my local Library. So many interesting things happening there. Yes, books and alive books! People will sit and tell their personal history if one cares to listen! A two hour adventure! Imagine that! A human book! We also have the latest movies each month and popcorn, buttered or not, served with bottles of water. It thrills me that our local libraries believe in keeping others’ minds nourished with wonder!

I’m sure deep and silent ‘thank yous’ are sent down from the Heavens whenever we open a cherished book or listen to a piece of music! A story or song that transports our minds, hearts and souls to different places.

In Kahlil Gibran’s most famous book, The Prophet, he writes to us of many topics. My favorite “On Children!” It changed my ‘view’ of parenting.  He said, “Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.” His ‘bow and arrow’ illustration depicts parents as the bow, the arrow, the child and the archer, well, I leave that to your imagination. “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

Have you had the occasion to visit Walt Disney Land or World, yet? Talk about a man of
wonder and vision…Walt Disney! Our first trip to Disney World was early 70’s and to this day, I still have a small, fluffy Donald Duck, my husband’s favorite, and ‘my Mickey’! My daughter and family have carried on the ”collection!” A menagerie of everything Disney!

Now our ‘wonder’ is where and what to do with all these memories of yesterday?
President Lincoln’s famous letter to his son’s first teacher holds his ideas about words, about books. “Teach him if you can the wonders of books, but also give time to ponder the extreme mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on a green hill. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tell him they are wrong!”

In my lifetime I’ve met so many beautiful people from all over the globe. My first thought always, I wonder what it is that makes this person, these people, so special? Now, looking in my rearview mirror of life, I’ve found the answer! They were viewing and holding me with special feelings of kindness and wonder! They are the world travelers, not only interested in yesterday’s relics but the ideas, interests and curiosity that weaves us to the same cloth of wonder!

I know that many of you have travelled far and wide and can tell your own stories about how you felt, what you remembered most about your travels! I’m sure that much wonder was instilled, by you, in a magnificent painting, or viewing of the vatican and or just a building of yesteryear! This is the same wonder we should experience every day of our lives! At home, at school, at work and especially with the people we love most! More wonder, less worry!

As I close this blog, I want to return to the wonder of positive words, most times instilled in us by the great writers of the world. My thanks to Michelangelo and his painting of God’s finger touching Adam’s finger! No words needed; just pure amazement in his interpretation of his mind and wonder! His skills and wonder about life have made him unforgetable!

Words, whether in books, music or silent art can enrich our lives. The crossroads in New York City and its theater district are telling, living proof that words of wonder and wisdom matter! How many times have you read a magnificent story and suddenly it becomes a movie, a play and receives great applause! It has always amazed me how a person of wonder can take pen to hand, or computer, write his or her heartfelt thoughts and deliver a piece that merits the highest recognition and they never thought about rewards! Their wonder, their creative intelligence allows no less!

As Ralph W. Sockman tells us, “The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shore line of wonder.


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