Here’s what I know and have learned about the wisdom of change…

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, “ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look will change.”

Count your changes in life:



Grade school

Middle school

High school

College or maybe one of the U.S. services.

The world of work

Perhaps marriage or not

Children or not


Old age

That’s the blueprint of life. Right? But, there are so many variations that many of us create our own blueprint. Too planned and not always perfect. When we sing our own song or write our own story, we opt for change! Change for good.

I’ve begun a journey of change so I won’t have to die wondering. When I wandered into this philosophy and journey of “Our Daily Feels” with Janis Gaudelli, and ten other wonderful soul searchers, I found myself astonished and surprised about the changes that had begun to take place in my life.

Now, I know that I don’t have to die wondering if I’ve done all that I could! I know that I have and am still being challenged, on a daily basis, to do so. I’ve decided to use God’s timetable and not man’s. Whether you know me or not, you will learn that I’m deeply devoted to God and do not edge God out. I am not for ego! But, this too, takes everyday training because it means one must change the way he or she views others, and this is where wisdom enters!

Since I was raised by immigrant Italian grandparents whose views of the world were different, I, too, absorbed those views! Thus, began the baggage. No, I’m not criticizing, just making a statement how others’ views impact our own lives and stamp our own standards. And if we aren’t strong enough to live our own lives, we may simply carry forward old ideas and theories.

As Blaise Pascal reminds us, “All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.”

The great Italian painter/sculptor Michelangelo, defied a great Pope because his view of God was far different than his religious leader. Guess who won? What does that say about us now, in 2018? We are all creators of life and living. Do we move with change or do we remain deadlocked in old ideas and others’ principles? Do we have courage enough to change our tracks of life and move forward without fear? Fear of what others’ may say or be dropped by peers? Well, I say get on another pier of life and move into an open, healthy direction.

Wisdom is a learning tool using good judgment or a wise attitude. Change is to make different, to make better! Why wouldn’t one want change?

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “there is no such thing as failure, that’s just a result”.  That’s a pearl to remember when we are trying our best.


I know that the world of teaching must be most difficult; especially when trying to teach or impart knowledge to all our young people. We do not all learn at the same level.  Dr. Leo Buscaglia had this theory on love and teaching: he had one student who was not a fast learner or good test taker. This student, Johnny, got one answer right on his test. Dr. Leo deemed it necessary to celebrate Johnny’s one right answer. He encouraged the boy; he didn’t show negativity. Probably the best lesson Johnny ever learned because of his teacher’s encouragement. That’s the stuff that pushes us on! We need people who will build us up; not belittle us or tear us down! All these positive bricks we lay, we learn from and I found that these positive learning steps stay with us throughout our lives.

Can you remember when you had an important learning curve and it remained with you forever? Change can provoke drama and intrigue but buffered with wisdom it’ll be a good change. Keep on changing and learning!

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